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Video: This Willie Nelson Thanksgiving Pie is Almost Too Beautiful to Eat

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images)

What’s more American than pie and Willie Nelson? We got the answer when social media was blessed with a video of a Willie Nelson-themed pie. 


We’re “Willie” ready for some #Thanksgiving pie tomorrow! 😋 #WillieNelson @thepieous #foodart #pie

♬ Willie Nelson Pie – CMT

The video was posted just in time for Thanksgiving. The user goes by the name “@jessicabojin” on TikTok and @ThePieous on Facebook. On Wednesday, she posted a video showing us how she creates the delicious, country music-themed pie. 

 On her website, she discusses her thoughts on the subject of pie. 

“I’m Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin and I think Pies are Awesome. My mission is to show the world that not only can pies go head-to-head against the poshest wedding cakes and fancy-pants desserts on the most discerning buffet tables of the world, but that they can be fun and easy to pull off too!”

Clark-Bojin isn’t secretive about her baking skills, saying, “I’m extremely open with my pie baking secrets, and I do my best to respond to everyone who contacts me on social media.”

She posts many tutorials for her followers to see how she creates her magical pie masterpieces.

Clark-Bojin’s Pie-oneering Career

Her Instagram content is everything we could want in our social media feed: pie. And lots of it. According to her website, Clark-Bojin creates “epic pie content” for film, TV, digital, and print. In addition, she has a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Besides having an active social media, she makes many TV appearances on the Food Network and TODAY Show, acting as a pie judge. She’s been recognized as a global authority on “pie art,” and she’s responsible for the famous “Piescraper” movement. Since early 2017, Jessica’s pie videos have been viewed over 100 million times online. 

On discussing why she decides to do this creative work, she says, “Rethinking the pie” may seem like an odd vocational calling, yet it combines all of my skills and passions in a surprisingly satisfying way. It involves scientific experimentation, graphic design, painting, photography, filmmaking/editing skills, as well as a host of entrepreneurial skills.”

She continued, adding, “The satisfaction I get from uncovering a new pastry sculpture technique, troubleshooting the engineering hurdles, creating a composition commemorating a favorite film or game, and then sharing the results with the world is unlike any job I’ve ever had.”