Video: Tyler Childers Shares Masked-Up Behind-The-Scenes of ‘Long Violent History’

by Charles Craighill

Today, Tyler Childers released a behind-the-scenes, masked-up video from the making of “Long Violent History.” This project was released on September 18 of this year. “Long Violent History” marks Childer’s fifth studio album.

The short video, only about a minute long, shares a few photos and a strings jam session. The strings, including fiddle, stand up bass, and banjo, played a larger role in this album than any of his past projects. Interestingly enough, Childers himself doesn’t make an appearance in the behind-the-scenes video. This is likely a nod towards the importance of strings in this album.

Due Thoughts and Mentions in “Long Violent History”

This project is by far the most artistically and socially engaged albums in Tyler Childers’ career. In a video he released explaining his album, Childers contextualized the album in the midst of current social tensions. While the first 8 songs of the albums don’t feature any lyrics, the final song packs more power than anything else Childers has released.

The opening eight instrumental tracks lay a soundscape that contextualizes the message for the title track. In the said title track, Childers reflects on the recent turmoil caused by police brutality and racial justice. He reflects on his role in the matter as well as urges his listeners to consider their own.

“As a recovering alcoholic who has drunk and drugged himself around the world playing music for the better part of eleven years,” Childers explained in the video. “Now with six months of sobriety, I can say with clarity that I have no soapbox to stand on to talk preachy to anyone on anything, be it the word of God or the condition of the world.”

While Childers wanted to release the “Long Violent History” without press or context, he knew doing so would have consequences. He intended the video to help his listeners understand what his intentions were and to prevent misinterpretation.

Tyler Childers Career

Tyler Childers is the up and coming Americana Country artist to watch right now. A Sturgill Simpson protege, Childers has grown significantly in popularity since his debut album in 2011. He toured with Simpson before the tour was canceled due to COVID-19.

Despite the cancellation, Tyler Childers took no time off, getting straight to work on a new album. That album, “Long Violent History,” arrived on September 18 of this year. The nine-song album was his fifth total. He has released one in each year since 2017 with Purgatory.