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Video: Why Brad Paisley is Loving COVID-19 Face Masks

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Cooper Neill/Getty Images for UNICEF USA

Brad Paisley is advocating for face coverings for a reason people may not expect. When wearing face masks, he doesn’t have to smell his band’s bad breath.

“You know what’s great about this as I look at my crew all wearing coverings on their mouths?” Paisley said in an Instagram post. He joked with a couple of members of his entourage. “A couple of guys in this crew have pretty bad breath. This is something that might stick. When we’re done with this, we might have to keep this. I’m not smelling any breath right now.”


One of Paisley’s crew disagreed with the singer, pulling his mask away. He didn’t like the smell of his own breath. “I’m not liking it in here. This is not a good place to be.”

“Because you’re getting a taste of your own medicine with these d–n masks,” Paisley responded in jest.

Brad Paisley performed the concert back in May.

Paisley took the video from behind the scenes of his concert in May. Due to the coronavirus, Paisley held an audience-less performance, which they streamed online. The country singer opened for the band Lady A. Bud Light Seltzer sponsored the concert. After social distancing, Paisley felt excited to perform with his band and crew again on stage.

“I’m anxious to get back with my band,” Paisley said in a statement. “It’s been a long nine weeks since the last time we played, and I love that my friends from Bud Light have invited us to get back together for the Bud Light Seltzer Sessions, with proper social distancing, of course.”

During the video, Paisley gestured to the empty stage and reflected on how it reminded him of his early career.

“Look at this stage,” he said. “We actually have a stage, and it’s like the crowds that we got in the beginning. Same amount of people we had in the beginning.”

“We’ve come full circle,” one of his crew agreed.