WATCH: Aaron Watson Cover George Strait’s ‘Amarillo By Morning’ in Spectacular Fashion

by Keeli Parkey

Want to celebrate George Strait? A perfect way to do it is by absolutely nailing a cover of one of his most famous songs.

That’s exactly what Aaron Watson did earlier this week. On May 18, which happened to be the King of Country’s 69th birthday, Watson posted a video of himself singing a classic George Strait song. And, luckily for all of us, he chose the song “Amarillo By Morning.”

That is probably one of the most classic of all the George Strait classics!

To make things even better, Watson shared a few thoughts about the King of Country. He then broke out into his version of Strait’s “Amarillo By Morning.”

Trip to Radio Station Exposed Aaron Watson to George Strait

“Hey, George. I’m Aaron Watson. Um, a long, long time ago I was in my little pre-K school,” Watson recalled at the start of a video he shared via Twitter. “They took us on a field trip to a radio station. And, I don’t remember much about the radio station, but they gave us little goody bags.”

Luckily for Watson, his goody bag included a very special George Strait-themed surprise.

“And, uh, in my goody bag they put a 45 (record) of what was your current single at the time – ‘Amarillo By Morning,'” Watson said. “And, when I got home, my dad he put the 45 there on the turntable and we listened to ‘Amarillo By Morning’ for the first time.”

This experience with the music of George Strait led to many others.

“… My dad bought me my first two vinyl records,” Aaron Watson recalled. “And, the first record that I bought was (George Strait’s). It was ‘Strait from the Heart,’ which had ‘Amarillo By Morning.’ And, the other record dad bought me was ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson.”

Watson’s comment also included words of gratitude for George Strait.

“But, just wanted to say thank you for all you do for Texas and country music,” Watson shared with Strait. “God bless.”

You can watch Aaron Watson celebrate Strait with his version of “Amarillo By Morning” below.

Aaron Watson gives a terrific performance in his cover of George Strait’s “Amarillo By Morning.” The version is a simple one, but still very effective. It includes Watson on guitar. He accompanied by another musician on violin and another on a mandolin.

Watson captures the emotion of the song in his performance. It’s a version of “Amarillo By Morning” that it’s probably safe to bet that George Strait would enjoy.