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WATCH: Alan Jackson Gets Pranked in Hysterical Throwback Video

by John Jamison
(Photo By Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Country music legend Alan Jackson is a man of many talents. He’s a two-time Grammy Award-winning artist, has lived at the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, and is a dedicated family man.

One of the things you won’t see listed on his resume, however, is acting. But for a brief moment in the 1990s, his wife and The Nashville Network convinced Alan that he was starring in a Hollywood feature film.

Not only that, he was set for two nude scenes. Can you imagine? Good thing for us the ordeal was captured on candid camera. You can watch Alan Jackson react to the news in the video below.

Crook & Chase” was a talk show that aired on The Nashville Network from 1989-1996. One of the hosts, Charlie Chase, was known for playing a prank or two on a Country star. Even George Jones fell victim to Chase’s shenanigans. This time, however, it was Alan Jackson’s turn.

Alan Jackson was already accomplished at the time but still a rising star. As a result, he was the perfect target. With the help of TNN, Chase set up secret cameras around the network’s corporate offices. Then, they taped a fake news broadcast with a report that Jackson had just been cast in a new movie called “California Cowboys” and that he had two nude scenes in the film.

“We felt he needed a new challenge, maybe an alternative career like Hollywood heartthrob,” Charlie Chase said as he introduced the prank.

Jackson was invited to the offices to discuss the prospect of a potential television show. A pretty believable thing considering his status. But little did he know, his stomach was about to drop.

Charlie Chase Breaks the News to Alan Jackson… He Got ‘Em

After watching the news report, then getting a call from his wife Denise, Jackson was completely sold. He looked like a man in way over his head.

After a few minutes of sheer misery, Jackson finally realized what was going on. The moment Charlie Chase came around the corner with a camera crew behind him, the Country legend knew he’d been had.

“I should have known!” Jackson exclaimed, equal parts relief and surprise across his face. “Oh, God. Man, I have been so careful. I’ve been thinking Charlie Chase is going to get me somewhere, he’s going to get me somehow.”

Then, Denise came out from the backroom she made the call from, delighted at her husband’s reaction. When Charlie asked Alan if he suspected anything, Jackson’s reply was priceless. And he made a pretty insightful comment to boot.

“No. It never entered my mind,” Jackson answered. “I mean, it came over television. You think that everything comes over television is gospel.”