WATCH: Alan Jackson Releases Official Music Video for ‘Where Have You Gone’

by Jonathan Howard

Back at it again, Alan Jackson debuted the Where Have You Gone music video today. A somber video for a somber song, the entire thing is in black and white. It shows the country music legend at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. This is yet another classic song from Jackson.

The song is a tribute to the country stars of the past and the sounds of Jackson’s younger days. Those classic country stars such as Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline appear alongside him in the video as he sings and strums his guitar.

“Sweet country music, where have you gone?”

This song and his latest album of the same name are a return to the old Alan Jackson. The sounds, emotions, and styles are new but seem so familiar. This is the first studio album for Jackson in about five years. Now, we have this music video which is sure to make some shed tears.

When the album first came out, Jackson broke down the inspiration behind the music. He wrote 15 of the 21 songs and it shows.

“When I write, I visualize back home and growing up. Real country songs are life and love and heartache, drinking and Mama and having a good time…but it’s the sounds of the instruments, too,” the country artist explained. “The steel and acoustic guitar, the fiddle – those things have a sound and a tone…and getting that right, the way those things make you feel, that’s country, too.”

This is a seriously good album and Alan Jackson should feel proud about it. This video is another in a long line for the country star. Hopefully, there will be more videos to come from this album which he has said is, “a little harder country than even I’ve done in the past.”

Alan Jackson Sings with Widowed Daughter

While we’re talking about emotion and intense music, Jackson recently sang a song with his daughter whose husband passed in 2018. Mattie Jackson Selecman’s husband Ben passed away on Labor Day of that year. He slipped while out on a boat and hit his head.

Alan Jackson and his daughter Mattie got together to sing Racing In The Dark. A while back, Mattie posted a photo to Instagram of her and her dad in the studio together. She had a wonderful caption to go along with the photo.

“Well, there’s one more exciting surprise on the horizon I can’t wait to share! Incredibly thankful to have Dad’s support in sharing my story of healing with y’all soon!” The post read.

Losing a spouse is never easy. Losing one so young is a true tragedy. Hopefully, through music and other outlets, Mattie is able to process her grief in many healthy ways. It sure seems like she has a great support system.