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WATCH: Billy Ray Cyrus Takes Daughter Noah on Dirt Bike Joy Ride

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

On Tuesday (October 26th) country superstar Billy Ray Cyrus took to his social media accounts to share a sweet video of him and his daughter Noah Cyrus spending time together. 

“Wow … @noahcyrus this is the most views this ole bikes had in a long time!” Billy Ray Cyrus declared in the post. “Would you like to see me build a ramp & jump round bales of hay with it?”

Along with the video of him and Noah, Billy Ray Cyrus also shared a video of him going on a solo bike ride. “Found a sweet spot. Perfect combination of Tennessee and Kentucky #Tenntucky.”

Billy Ray Cyrus previously spoke about renting to his “Kentucky/Bluegrass/Gospel” roots. He revealed his collaboration song Roll That Rock with Bobby and Teddi Cyrus was number one on a top 15 video chart. 

According to CMT, Bobby is Billy Ray Cyrus’ cousin. Bobby and his wife Teddi collaborated with Billy Ray for the “joyously spiritual” folk-country single. Bobby previously stated that the song “embodies the joy, happiness, excitement, and peace of salvation.”

Billy Ray’s cousin also shared more details about the single by stating, “We felt a very special vibe about this project from the start. It seemed to connect everyone involved in a very spiritual way.”

Billy Ray Cyrus Reveals the Advice He Gave Noah Prior to Her First Grammys 

People reported that his appearance on the Music’s Biggest Night: The Best New Artists episode on Spotify, Billy Ray Cyrus and Noah discussed the advice he gave her prior to the Grammys. “You were a horse rider. You rode horses and that was your thing. And then all of a sudden, you started making music,” the country star recalled the conversation he had with Noah.

“I go, ‘She’s serious about it!’ And you started dedicating yourself to writing the best songs you could write. And being the best musician you could be,” Billy Ray Cyrus continued. He also stated that he was sitting at the show saying “That’s my Noie! That’s my Noie! Look at her! The dream is happening!”

Billy Ray Cyrus also told his daughter that she needs to be original and just not afraid to be herself. He also said to tune out the critics. “You got to tune it out. Every thought is like a seed. And you just got to plant those positive seeds.”

Noah told Billy Ray that his advice was really good because there are a lot of people that feel it’s not okay to be themselves. “Whenever I just play piano, it makes my hands feel happy. I makes my body feel happy. Makes my soul feel happy.”

Noah goes on to add that she’s sure Billy Ray feels the exactly when he is playing his guitar. “It makes you feel good and safe. And it brings you life when you do something that you love.”