WATCH: Billy Strings Performs 8-Minute Rendition of ‘Hide and Seek’ at the Grammys

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

The Grammy Awards celebrate most genres of music. However, pop, hip-hop, and radio-friendly country music usually take the limelight when it comes to performers. Sometimes, though, showrunners break the mold and have a bluegrass or rock band take the stage for a performance. At this year’s Grammys, Billy Strings and his band took the outdoor stage for a blistering rendition of “Hide and Seek” from Strings’ latest album Renewal. Many fans tuned in just to see Billy and the boys bring the house down.

Unfortunately for anyone who wanted to see Billy Strings blow the roof off of the Grammys, the broadcast didn’t show his entire performance. In fact, the show cut to a commercial break just seconds into “Hide and Seek.” This prompted many fans to hop on social media and voice their displeasure. The Grammy Awards advertised a blistering bluegrass performance but didn’t exactly deliver.

Billy Strings took to social media yesterday to share his performance with his fans and followers. This proves, once again, that Strings does not disappoint. However, seeing this stunner of a performance makes the Grammy Awards showrunners’ decision to cut to commercial sting a little more. More than that, though, Billy Strings is one of only a handful of bluegrass performers to that the stage at the Grammys. For devotees of the genre and Strings alike, the drastically shortened broadcast of “Hide and Seek” was just another example of the musical mainstream snubbing bluegrass and its performers.

Billy Strings Crushes at the 2022 Grammys

If you’ve seen Billy Strings live or watched one of the countless live videos of his band scorching a stage, you’ll notice that the live audience at the Grammys was probably the smallest crowd they’ve played to in years. However, they took the stage with the same energy that they would if they were playing to a sold-out arena crowd. After all, the band believed that their performance was being beamed to millions of viewers across the country and beyond.

In recent years, Billy Strings has become known for his energetic live shows packed with improvised solos and extended versions of his songs. For instance, hearing a 20-minute rendition of “Meet Me at the Creek” isn’t rare at a Billy Strings show. For the Grammy performance, though, they actually trimmed about a minute and a half from the nine-and-a-half-minute-long “Hide and Seek.” It still clocked in at 7:59 and was packed with solos from every member of the band.

The stage setup added a little something special to Billy Strings’ performance at the Grammys. On the stage, we see a band whose music is steeped in musical traditions forged in the hills of rural Appalachia. Behind them, the flashing lights and iconic buildings of Las Vegas provided an almost surreal backdrop. The relatively small crowd went wild as the April winds blew and Billy and the band blasted Sin City with their unique brand of bluegrass. It was, without question, a magical moment for all those in attendance.