WATCH: Blake Shelton Brings the Heat in Fiery ‘Come Back as a Country Boy’ Music Video

by Jacklyn Krol

Are you ready for some pyrotechnics and Blake Shelton? Look no further!

The country crooner debuted his new music video for his latest single, “Come Back As a Country Boy.” The lyrics describe Blake Shelton wishing that if he doesn’t come back as a country boy in his next life, he doesn’t want to come back at all.

“My back is always breakin’, my dogs are always barkin’
My money has trouble makin’, and my truck has trouble startin’
I’m up before the sun, either haulin’ hay or huntin’
My work ain’t ever done but son, I wouldn’t trade it for nothin'”

Blake Shelton

The best part of this video is a cameo by his own dog. It was even filmed on his Oklahoma ranch giving it a true down home feel.

Fans find themselves in outer space with a deadly asteroid zipping towards Earth. It crashes into Shelton’s ranch which makes a bonfire. Blake Shelton is seen cracking a cold one in the woods when this happens. He then decides to enjoy the bonfire that it created.

The special effects get heavy when we see a twin version of Shelton come out of the flames giving us an epic guitar solo.

Watch the epic, effects-filled music video, below.

The Story Behind Blake Shelton’s Newest Hit

The music video featured Shelton’s band. This includes the 2021 CMA Musician of the Year winner, fiddler Jenee Fleenor. The team performed the song on the day it debuted during the awards show.

The music video was directed by Sophie Muller. She previously directed his “Hell Right” music video along with “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” with his wife Gwen Stefani. The surprising connection there is Stefani worked with Muller for over two decades as she worked with Stefani’s band, No Doubt. She even won the 1997 MTV Video Music Award for their video “Don’t Speak.”

“We shot this in the country, over two days, on my ranch in Oklahoma,” Blake Shelton told CMT. “It’s got a bonfire, my truck, and my dog. It’s me being a country boy in my favorite place on Earth. I remember it was hot and between that and the bonfire, I think I sweated off one of my double chins.”

Hardy, Jordan Schmidt, and Josh Thompson co-wrote the song. It will be featured on Shelton’s Body Language Deluxe album which released on December 3.

“’Come Back as a Country Boy‘ is song, basically, about just having so much pride about being country and living the country lifestyle that, even if you come back to life, you wouldn’t do it unless you could be country again … If you can’t do it again — if you’re lucky enough to come back to life — you’d rather just stay dead,” Shelton told The Boot.