WATCH: Blake Shelton Drives ‘Buggy’ to Check on His Corn Field, Sings Hilarious Update

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Big Barrel)

We are not quite halfway through 2021 but it has already been a big year for country superstar Blake Shelton.

While you may be aware of Blake Shelton’s prowess in country music, you may not know he stays true to his roots as a farming boy. Shelton owns a large ranch in Oklahoma that also serves as his farm.

Later this year, the ranch will also serve as the location of his wedding to pop star Gwen Stefani. But, the first thing is first, and for Blake Shelton, that means checking up on his corn fields. The singer took to social media on Tuesday to share an update on this year’s crop.

In the short video, he takes his sports vehicle, which he calls “buggy,” out to the fields to see how the corn is growing. It is safe to say he is pleased with the progress his crop is making as he sings us a nice little update about his beloved farm.

“Sweet corn update June 2021!” he proudly writes in the Instagram post’s caption space.

After seeing how well his corn is growing, the performer side of Blake Shelton comes out for a little song. The song drew a large response from his enormous fan base.

“Ok…I drove the buggy out here,” he says to begin the 18-second video. “Look at that! Looking pretty good!”

Blake Shelton then erupts into song as the growth of his corn stalks has inspired him to sing a little tune. Fittingly, he sang the chorus to a new song of his called “Corn.”

“Corn in the truck and Corn in the field. Corn in the bottom of a moonshine still,” he sings.

Blake Shelton Spreads a Little Joy With Corn Update

The brief video is quite hilarious and Blake Shelton fans thank him for making their day a little brighter.

“Love that you have stayed true to who you are — an Oklahoma Cowboy that loves home,” a fan writes. “May God bless you, Blake!”

Blake Shelton also has a song on his latest album “Body Language” called “Corn.” Some fans took his video as a hint that “corn” could be the next single off of his hit studio album. The country superstar did not confirm or deny that could be the case.

The album is Blake Shelton’s 12th studio album and is doing quite well since its release in late May. A track on the album “Happy Anywhere” features his soon-to-wife, Gwen Stefani, and is one of the most popular songs on the album.