WATCH: Blake Shelton Rocks Epic Mullet in Throwback Ford Commercial

by Thad Mitchell

Country music superstar Blake Shelton is one of the most recognizable names in all of the music industry — but that wasn’t always the case.

The singer has achieved the fame that most other music acts can only hope for in their career pursuits. Shelton has placed 40 hit singles on country music charts with 28 of those songs claiming the number one spot. While producing hit song after hit song, he has received nine Grammy Award nominations for his country catalog.

His fame landed him a coaches’ seat on the ever popular television talent competition “The Voice.” Shelton has been a coach on the show since it first began, serving in the role for 19 seasons. In seven of those 19 seasons, a contestant from his handpicked team has gone on to claim the season’s championship.

He would also meet his future wife, pop star Gwen Stefani, as a result of his long tenure on the show. After five years of dating, Shelton proposed to Stefani and the couple plans to wed at some point in 2021. They will marry in a chapel that Shelton built at his Oklahoma ranch.

Blake Shelton Rocks a Mullet in Ford Commercial

Before the fame and fortune he has now achieved, Shelton was once working his way up the ladder. He had a rather distinct feature back in the day that brought him attention — a glorious mullet hairstyle.

Shelton rocked the mullet for some time and now looks back on those days with a laugh. While he may want to hide the fact he bought into the now novel haircut, there is plenty of visual evidence.

One such video exists deep in the bowels of internet videos lore– a video commercial for a North Texas Ford dealership.

While Shelton no longer has a mullet, videos of his once famous hair style will live on, making us laugh for a long time.