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WATCH: Blake Shelton Surprises Crowd at Gwen Stefani Las Vegas Show

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Fans love watching singing power couple Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani hit the stage together. And the couple loves giving their fans what they want. So on Saturday, Blake joined his wife for a duet during her new Las Vegas residency.

Gwen Stefani opened her Just a Girl show on October 22nd. And of course, every single person in the audience hoped her country crooning husband, Blake Shelton, would jump on stage for a surprise set. But, he didn’t. However, Gwen’s second-night audience was lucky enough to see Blake in person.

And a few audience members caught Blake’s energetic introduction on camera.

“I love you guys. But I hate to tell you this. I love somebody else even more than I love you,” Gwen told her amped crowd. “And his name is Blake Shelton!” she yelled.

The audience stood up and gave a roar of excitement. In the video, we can hear people chattering with hope and anticipation. “Is he here? Is he here?” the cameraperson asks excitedly.

Then a good few seconds pass with no sight of Blake. And everyone wonders if the songstress was playing a mean trick on them. After the painful pause, Gwen yells her husband’s name one more time. Finally, Blake casually walks onto the stage while the crowd screams. And Blake precedes to give the “I’m not worthy” bow.

The lovebirds gave one duet to the lucky audience, which of course was Nobody But You. Gwen will be singing in Vegas until November 6th. And Blake Shelton isn’t due on The Voice set until later in the month. So a few more fans may be lucky enough to see a repeat appearance.

Blake Shelton Opens Up About Wedding Song for Gwen Stefani

Blake Shelton penned a special song for his bride on their wedding day. And in a recent interview, the singer opened up about performing it on their big day.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been married for five blissful months now. And with the honeymoon over, he finally had time to talk about their lavish, private wedding day with Seth Meyers. The couple’s nuptials were perfect. Gwen wore a stunning custom gown, and the two said “I do” in front of a celebrity minister. But the most touching part of the ceremony was when Blake surprised his wife with a new song at the alter.

Blake co-wrote the upcoming single We Can Reach the Stars for Gwen with Craig Wiseman. And Seth Meyers wondered if singing it was a nerve-wracking experience. Blake said he wasn’t too nervous about performing. He was, however, concerned he’d embarrass himself in a different way.

“I didn’t feel pressure because she didn’t know I was gonna do it. There’s really no bar, you know, to set right here,” he admitted. “The only thing I was concerned about was breaking the barstool that they had for me to sit on. That was literally something that was in my mind.”