WATCH: Blake Shelton & Trace Adkins Perform ‘You’re Gonna Miss This’ in 2018

by Matthew Wilson

Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins have been friends for years. But Shelton still gets emotional when he hears Adkins perform even if he’s onstage with him.

In 2018, Shelton had a surprise for audiences when he welcomed Adkins on stage. It was during Shelton’s 2018 Country Music Freaks tour. The two performed several songs together to the delight of listeners. But it was a rendition of Adkins’ “You’re Gonna Miss This” that brought a smile to Shelton’s face.

(You cans see the duet around the seven minute mark in the video below.)

When Adkins started the first verse of the song, Shelton couldn’t help but clap and grin along. He also sang along, performing a poignant duet with his good friend and mentor. This is obviously one moment Shelton would later miss and be grateful for.

Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins Are Longtime Friends

As a country artist, Blake Shelton didn’t forget who supported him back in the beginning before he became a hotshot. Trace Adkins may have been grumpy at times. But he helped mentor Shelton during his early career and put him on a path for future success.

“Trace Adkins was that guy for me …. unfortunately, because he’s a grumpy, old b—–d,” Shelton jokingly told Fox News. “But he was always that guy for me who would set me down and say, ‘Listen,’ and he would get on to me about stuff. Especially because back in the day, I was way worse than I am now. He was about the only guy I would listen to because I was intimidated by him. Looking back, I am so glad that he was around for me.”

Years later, Shelton continues to pay it forward. For instance, he invited Adkins to serve as an advisor on “The Voice,” a musical competition that Shelton coaches for. The two also performed the smash hit “Hillbilly Bone” together. Upon debut, the song topped the country music chart and landed at No. 40 on the Hot 100 chart.

Additionally, throughout the years they keep appearing at each other’s concerts, making surprise appearances.