Watch: Blanco Brown Performs Moving ‘I Need Love’ Acoustic Rendition

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Blanco Brown is switching things up and breaking it down with a moving version of his song “I Need Love.”

The singer-songwriter is joining CMT Listen Up initiative. The network shared Blanco Brown’s rendition on Twitter.

“I Need Love” by Brown is a song from the album I Need Love – Single. It was released in 2020, though the song was originally written in 2016. The single depicts the story of someone finding peace during hard times through the power of love.

Lyrics from the song read, “On the ledge / I take in all of the fresh air / On my way down a million miles away / I met an angel / And she told me everything’ll be okay / That’s when I woke up, baby”

Then the chorus is infused with the word love, even stating that alcohol won’t fill the hole inside his heart.

“Show me love, show me love, show me love (show me)/ Girl I love, girl I love you more than I love myself / I need love, I need love, oh, I need love / We all know that a drink won’t heal my heart / That’s why I need you by my side / I need love,” Brown writes in the chorus.

This is what the original version of the song sounds like.

Blanco Brown Involved in Horrific Accident

Earlier this year, Brown was involved in a head-on collision. The crash happened on August 31 near his home in Atlanta, Georgia. Brown suffered serious injuries in the crash.

The musician underwent several hours of surgery. His doctors expect him to make a full recovery, and it seems like he’s doing well, judging from the CMT tweet. Additionally, the viral artist even shared a touching post on Instagram about what he was thinking during his healing process.

Brown captions the photo with, “When you’re on the operation table and you don’t know if you’ll wake up again, you can hear the doctors making every effort to keep you here and all you can do is shed tears… What a lonely space. When you finally wake up in pain and find out you can’t have any visitors, even more miserable!”

“I haven’t really addressed the accident; I’m not ready yet but I will say… Visualizing my family and friends over & over in my head and just maybe how I would let them down if I gave up actually kept me fighting, plus I wanted to live!” he continues. “I’m still on my journey of recovering by God’s grace and it’ll take time but we’ll dance together again and sing lyrics to the top of our lungs!!!”