WATCH: Brad Paisley Finds Out Sharks ‘Love Live Music’ in New Shark Week Clip

by Emily Morgan

Brad Paisley may be the first country music artist to have fans of another species. The country star recently took a daring plunge into the Bahamian waters to play for some unusual fans. 

Paisley is part of the annual “Shark Week” for The Discovery Channel and Discovery+, and he has a possibly dangerous role in the TV special in which he goes swimming and performs for sharks. 

Strapped with his acoustic guitar, the death-defying hitmaker joins comedian JB Smoove and Dr. Austin Gallagher for a show titled “Brad Paisley’s “Shark Country.”

While we get to see Paisley swim around with the oceanic creatures, we also get to see them take part in an experiment testing how sharks respond to sound — and whether or not they like country music. As it turns out, the results will surprise you. 

“There’s something about playing it live— the vibration of all of us playing on the boat, everything going on at once,” the country music megastar says about playing for his new, maneating friends. 

“It’s real, it’s happening right there, and they really reacted in the way that concert reacts at a concert. They’re going crazy. There was a visible reaction in the water today.”

Brad Paisley Swims With Sharks for Science & Country Music

In the shows, fans will see Paisley taking his sound underwater while brooding sharks circle in the background. Paisley strums his acoustic guitar below the water while Smoove bangs a cowbell— all in the name of science and country music. 

Paisley’s show is just a tiny part of this year’s Shark Week, which now features 45 hours of fin-tastic programming and is in its 33rd year of broadcast. 

In addition to Paisley’s, “Shark Week” will also feature new documentaries, a shark movie festival presenting films like the Sharknado series, Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark, and more. Celebrities like Tiffany Haddish, William Shatner, and the cast of “Jackass” will also make appearances. 

The beloved, highly anticipated “Shark Week” began on Sunday, July 11, and continues until Sunday, July 18, on Discovery and discovery+.

Paisley’s current single is a country love note to Nashville titled “City of Music.” The single comes amid his collab with Jimmie Allen on “Freedom Was a Highway.” Now, he’s more than ready to get back to performing. 

Besides playing for his underwater foes-turned-fans, Paisley recently kicked off a concert tour on June 5 in Panama City Beach, Fla., playing at the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam. He’ll be on tour throughout the country until Oct. 9. 

After the pandemic put a hiatus on live music, Paisley says touring feels better than ever. “It feels great when you launch a tour anyway, but when you have it taken away, we all learned how important this is to our lives, including the fans, but I think especially the musicians.” Paisley says he and his band and crew are “not going to take this for granted.”