WATCH: Brad Paisley, Jimmie Allen Highlight Beauty of the Great Outdoors in New ‘Freedom Was a Highway’ Video

by Katie Maloney

Country music superstars Jimmie Allen and Brad Paisley recently dropped their latest collaboration song, “Freedom Was a Highway.”

The song is a nostalgic look at a simpler time. During the song Jimmie Allen and Brad Paisley sing, “I wish I could go back to those days when the town was the whole world. And love was the girl next door. The soundtrack was a song in the dark. I miss those days when our dreams were there for chasin’ but time was better wasted. We were summer young and livin’ for a Friday. And freedom was a highway. Oh, freedom was a highway.”

The duo gave fans even more to get excited about when they released the official music video for “Freedom Was a Highway.” The video starts as almost a thriller movie. It shows Jimmie Allen driving down a road in a convertible with the top down. As he’s driving he spots something in the woods. So he pulls over and gets out of his car to investigate. But things quickly go from suspenseful to magical when he walks into the woods and sees a beautiful, golden, glistening guitar on the ground.

So, he picks it up and brushes it off. He walks back into the middle of the road, inspecting the guitar as he walks. Once he stops, he positions his fingers on the strings and gives one powerful strum on the guitar. With that, a huge bean of light explodes from the guitar and sends a bolt of lightning into the ground. He strums a few more times and his band, along with country icon Brad Paisley, appears on the road in front of him.

With that, the band starts playing and Allen and Paisley start singing. The coolest part of the video is that Jimmie Allen actually directed it, along with Christopher Beyrooty. 

What’s the Story Behind Jimmie Allen’s New Song?

During a recent interview country music star Jimmie Allen shared that his hometown of Milton, Delaware inspired him to write “Freedom Was a Highway.”

“When I was writing this song with my co-writers, I imagined myself driving down my favorite roads in Delaware,” said Allen, who wrote the song along with songwriters Ash Bowers and Matt Rogers. “This song takes me back to simpler moments such as an innocent, childhood crush on the next-door neighbor or feeling freedom in the wind as you drive with the windows down. I’ve loved this song from the creation.”

And, of course, when it came time to decide who to collaborate with, Brad Paisley was a no-brainer.

“I’m a huge admirer of Brad Paisley,” said Allen. “I love what he brings to music and I had to have him bring that same magic to this song. I’m humbled to have him join me on this song – he brought the ‘Freedom to the Highway.’”