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WATCH: Brad Paisley, John Fogerty Rock Nashville with Cover of ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ in 2017

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Sony Music

John Denver would be proud. Brad Paisley teams with John Fogerty for a killer, live version of “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

The tune may be the John Denver song. Out of the vast collection of tunes, Denver left behind, “Take Me Home” remains one of his most popular and endearing. It’s hard not to think of Denver behind the mic. But Paisley and Fogerty give a rousing performance that has the crowd cheering and singing along.

Given the time frames of their careers, Denver and Paisley’s paths never crossed. But Denver would probably approve of the cover if he could have heard it. The country music legend died in 1997 in a plane crash.

This isn’t the first time that Paisley and Fogerty teamed up together. Previously, the two performed duets of some of Fogerty’s greatest rock classics including “Bad Moon Rising.”

Brad Paisley Loves “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

Additionally, Brad Paisley seems to have a love for the John Denver song. Or at least his fans do. This wasn’t the first time the country singer has covered the song nor the last. Previously, Paisley surprised 60,000 football fans by performing the song on the field at West Virginia University. The tune has long been one of the school’s theme songs on game days.

Paisley also performed the tune earlier this year via social media. He recorded the song in a bid to urge West Virginia natives to practice social distancing.

The Song Was Inspired by Maryland

As a West Virginia native, Brad Paisley an affinity for the song. But the tune was actually inspired by Maryland. Songwriters Bill Danoff and his wife, Taffy Nivert drove down a winding road in Maryland. It made him nostalgic for the small towns and trees of his youth in Massachusetts

But Massachusetts doesn’t have the same right to it as West Virginia. So the songwriters and Denver decided to change the states and create an anthem to West Virginia’s natural beauty.