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WATCH: Carly Pearce Shares Video of Her and Busbee Performing Ahead of ‘Show Me Around’ Release

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for ACM

Thursday night, country music star Carly Pearce shared a video clip of her and Busbee performing together prior to the release of her new single.

Pearce took to social media to post the video of her and Busbee singing together. She made the post just hours before her new single, “Show Me Around,” releases. The song is due out at midnight Thursday night and Pearce says it has a special meaning to her and her fans.

“Today feels bittersweet in a way as I get ready to release #showmearound tonight,” Pearce wrote in her Instagram post. “I’ve found myself watching a lot of old videos of busbee & I and wanted to share one of us singing together last year one of his (many) hits. So ready for y’all to hear this song. Out at midnight. 🤍”

Carly Pearce Pays Tribute to Busbee in New Song

Pearce says the song pays tribute to the legendary, Grammy-nominated late songwriter and producer. The famed musician and songwriter was a big influence on Pearce and the style of her music. Busbee passed away last year at 43 years old. A few months prior to his death, he got a diagnosis of glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

“At his funeral, a songwriter that all of us in Nashville love named Barry Dean gave the most beautiful speech,” Pearce explained as she set up the new track. “And Busbee has three little girls and a beautiful wife, and he painted this picture of Heaven that was so beautiful to me … If anybody’s ever lost anybody, this felt like a really cool way to look at our loved ones that are going to meet us in Heaven and show us around.”

“Bet your up there right now, making plans and writing down / All your favorite places that you just cant wait to take us / And we’ll, get to spend forever, talking ’bout, whatever / When I get there promise me you’ll track me down / And show me around,” goes the solemn refrain.