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Watch: Carrie Underwood Sings in Spanish in New David Bisbal Duet

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by ACMA2020/Getty Images for ACM)

Carrie Underwood has done some pretty interesting duets in the past. She has teamed up with fellow country hitmakers like Miranda Lambert as well as legendary crooner Tony Bennet. With her latest duet, “Tears of Gold,” Underwood is doing something her fans have never seen before. She is singing in Spanish.

In her latest duet, the Oklahoma native is teaming up with Spanish vocalist David Bisbal for a pop breakup song that is almost guaranteed to make your toe tap and become stuck in your head for days to come.

Carrie Underwood and David Bisbal Have a Lot in Common

The pair have more in common than the fact that they have golden vocal cords. Both Carrie Underwood and David Bisbal are the youngest of three siblings. Underwood has two older sisters, while Bisbal has an older brother and sister. Unsurprisingly, both performers found their passion for music at an early age. Both were working toward musical careers by their teens. The main difference is that Bisbal became the vocalist for a popular regional band. Underwood, on the other hand, was set to sign a contract with Capitol Records when the company changed hands and her deal was canceled.

Moving forward, both stars can contribute their wider success to their stints on musical competition reality shows. Underwood launched her career with her 2005 “American Idol” win, and Bisbal received national attention from his time on “Operacion Triunfo”. While he did not win, the end result for both was similar. They have both sold millions of albums and toured across the globe.

Underwood Is Great in Two Languages

Carrie Underwood doesn’t sing all of her parts in Spanish. In fact, a large portion of the track is in English. Both Bisbal and Underwood sing partial verses in Spanish. Bisbal is a native of Spain so speaking or singing in Spanish alongside him could be risky. Underwood, however, is up to the challenge. The part she sings in Spanish sounds nearly as fluid as Bisbal’s, and her voice is just as golden as it is in English.

Catch Underwood on TV

Tonight, Carrie Underwood will be on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon. There is a good chance that she’ll be talking about her new Christmas album. However, keep your ears open for mention of this duet as the music video dropped earlier today.