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Watch Charlie Daniels’ Final Interview Before His Death

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Rick Diamond/Getty Images for IEBA

Before his death last year, Charlie Daniels was still making appearances for the media in addition to playing shows.

In fact, his last interview was on June 16, 2020, and the artist passed away a few weeks later on July 6. He died from a hemorrhagic stroke at the age of 83.

Charlie Daniels Last Interview

For his last ever appearance in front of the camera, Daniels sat down with country star John Rich.

Rich’s show is “The Pursuit!” which premiers on FOX Nation. For the interview, Rich and his crew went to Daniels’ house situated up in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

Fitting for the last interview, Daniels got the opportunity to talk about everything in his life that makes him so happy. It is a sweet and sentimental moment for fans of the late artist to look back on. This month is the six-month anniversary of his death.

John Rich also shared the interview again just a few days after Charlie Daniels died with a message about the artist.

“I was so blessed to sit down with Mr. Charlie Daniels, our hero right here, three weeks ago and get the final interview of him on camera. I asked him everything from about when he was born, to his music, to what his thoughts were on our country, being a patriot, all the way to that very second sitting on his front porch. We’re gonna be able to show you guys that interview….God rest his soul, one of the greatest of all time.”

Daniels talks about how the pursuit of happiness and freedom go hand-in-hand in his eyes. He also talked about the pursuit of happiness and how, without it, life will be filled with regret and guilt.

“If you do something you don’t like, if you’re doing some kind of work you don’t like, stop doing it … find something you like to do or your always gonna sit on the front porch in a rocking chair after you get old and gray and wonder why you didn’t join the circus when it came through town. You never know when something’s gonna happen,” Daniels said.

Daniels Last Album Release

Charlie Daniels certainly lived a life with little regret (although he never did join the circus). He is one of the most recognizable voices and artists of the country music genre.

While his last interview was just a few weeks prior to his death, his last album came out in 2016. The album is called “Night Hawk” and it was released on August 26, 2016. The album was meant to be a reflection of all the stories told by cowboys over the years.

It includes songs like “Big Balls in Cowtown,” “Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer),” and “Can’t Beat the Damned Ole Machine.”

“Most of our concepts about cowboys, and all things Western, are mostly derived from movies and TV. The truth of the matter is the real cowboys are not glow-in-the-dark characters who go around fighting rustlers and cleaning out saloons with their fists. The actual working cowboy is a hard-working, different breed who spend endless hours in the saddle. As [Western novelist] Louis L’Amour said, they ‘ride for the brand.’ Night Hawk is a tribute to the working cowboy and his way of life,” Daniels said about his album in a statement.

He also released the live album “Memories, Memoirs and Miles — Songs of a lifetime” on October 24, 2017.

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