WATCH: Chris Stapleton Delivers Stellar Performance of ‘Devil Always Made Me Think Twice’

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for CMA)

Chris Stapleton performs “Devil Always Made Me Think Twice“ on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Recently honored as The ACM’s Artist-Songwriter of the Decade, Chris Stapleton showed us what it’s like to feel again during his performance on The Late Show. 

Stapleton sang, “And mama always set a good example, Daddy always gave me good advice…But the devil always made me think twice.” Through his lyrics and soulful voice, Stapleton once again talks us through what it’s like to accept our humanness – flaws and all. 

Chris Stapleton performs “Devil Always Made Me Think Twice” on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Chris Stapleton Is Starting Over

“Devil Always Made Me Think Twice,” is a track from his latest album, “Starting Over.” With nothing but the album title and Chris Stapleton’s name written on a completely blank album cover,  the album really does represent what it’s like to start over. 

Stapleton told The Ringer, “There’s hope in having to start over. Within that idea, there’s the promise of making something a little better.”

Chris Stapleton’s album, “Starting Over.”

The New Album Took Years To Complete

The band started recording “Starting Over in 2018.” But Stapleton told The Tennessean that there were too many things going wrong to continue recording. 

“All these weird things were going down. The power shut down in all of Muscle Shoals while we were trying to record. There were all these weird stops. I’m a big ‘listen to the signs of the universe’ guy. We were in this what felt uncomfortable, to me, zone of tryin’ to make a record.” 

Stapleton said that he decided to “shut it down.” 

“I said let’s tour another year and we’ll evaluate this (next winter)…And that’s what we did.” 

We’re glad the band decided to circle back and complete the album.