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Watch: Chris Stapleton Tells Hilarious Story of Being an Extra in ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Most people may not know this, but Chris Stapleton appeared in the final season of Game of Thrones. The country singer discussed his second of being on cable television on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

The singer recently released his new album Starting Over.

“It’s a very short definition of ‘in that.’ I was an extra sort of laying in the dirt,” Stapleton said of being an extra. The singer appeared in the third episode “The Long Night” as a corpse. Stapleton was one of many laying across the ground as the main character Jon Snow chased the show’s villain, The Night King.

Stapleton said he shot his scene in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He asked his manager to get him a role on the show after several celebrities including Ed Sheeran appeared in small parts.

“I often give [my manager] what I think are impossible tasks,” Stapleton said. “As a joke almost, honestly that’s the thing. I said, ‘hey man I would like to be on Game of Thrones.’ Because I knew it was the last season. There had been a few people who were much, much more famous than I am to get in on the show and have bit parts. I want to do that even if I’m just going over there laying in the dirt.”

Chris Stapleton Didn’t Notice His Own Cameo

Kimmel decided to play the clip from the show that featured Stapleton. But the country singer was easily missed with a blink and he’s gone cameo.

“Okay, I didn’t see you at all!” Kimmel said with a laugh. He slowed down the clip and pointed Stapleton on the edge of the screen. The TV host also jokingly asked how long his flight had been for such a small role. “Did you even see yourself when you watched the episode?”

“No, it was completely deflating in some ways,” Stapleton said. “I was watching it and I was excited. We watched the whole episode and watched the part I thought I was going to be in. We even went back and watched it several times. My wife finally caught the glimpse of what would be me.”

For his troubles, Stapleton got to hang out with the actor who played the Night King before his scene. Stapleton described the actor Vladimir Furdik dressed in full costume during shooting. The actor sat on a couch in the green room eating from a dessert tray and on his phone to pass the time.

“It was very kind of strange to have the curtain pull back on,” Stapleton said.