Watch Clay Walker’s Backyard Tryout for the Astros’ World Series Bullpen

by Jonathan Howard

While most of the country is rooting against the Houston Astros it seems, Clay Walker, a Texan through and through is cheering them on. He is also offering his pitching services if they need them.

Over on Instagram, Clay Walker was doing dad things. He looked to be out on the farm with the family and was showing his kids “how athletic” he is. He launched a couple of walnuts like they were baseballs. The whole video is great and shows Walker just enjoying his time being a father.

“It’s important to show your kids how athletic you are,” the video caption read while Walker picked up his first walnut. “If the Astros needs a backup pitcher you know where to find me,” the video ended.

After his athletic achievement with the walnut and the drainpipe, Clay Walker looked very pleased with himself. His son, just like a good sidekick should, started saying he knew a good spot to find more walnuts! It seems he was impressed with his dad’s arm after all.

Right now, the Astros are battling the Braves in the World Series. It is game three tonight and the series is tied up 1-1. This could be a long-running series. With the third game tonight, either team could make a lucky break and take an edge. Walker is going to be keeping up with the series, that’s for sure. They might end up needing his arm before it is all said and done.

Clay Walker on Dealing with MS During Career

It is great to see Clay Walker whipping around those walnuts. Fans know that the country singer has dealt with MS. His diagnosis at the age of 26 came soon after his early success. Through the 1990s, Walker was a rising star in the country music scene.

The singer put out six No.1 singles. Those included What’s It to You, Live Until I Die, Dreaming with My Eyes Open, If I Could Make a Living, This Woman and This Man, as well as, Rumor Has It. Those hits came between 1993-1997. In 1994 he had three top singles. All through that and his career to this day, he has battled with MS. However, he says the diagnosis, “blessed my life.”

“When I was first diagnosed, I was terrified. The prognosis was hard to swallow. Most doctors said it would be a pretty horrific road,” the singer said. However, “it turned out not to be.” The good news so far has him thanking “God and my family” for sticking with him through the challenges.

Clay Walker doesn’t claim to have all the answers. However, for him, songwriting was therapy on his MS journey. He also found comfort in his faith and the Bible. The Book of Job particularly had an impact on the singer.