WATCH: Cody Jinks Congratulates Randy Travis for CMT Artist of a Lifetime Honor

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Erika Goldring/FilmMagic)

Just days after country superstar Randy Travis scored the CMT Artist of a Lifetime award, fellow country singer and songwriter Cody Jinks took to his Instagram to congratulate Travis. 

“I’d like to wish my very good friend Mr. @therandytravis congratulations on his @cmt Artist of a Lifetime Award this past week,” Cody Jinks declared in the post. “It couldn’t have gone to a more better & deserving person. Love you Randy, & thank you for including me to do a video for you, along with all of your other friends & family.”

Randy Travis also shared a special message on his Instagram thanking God for having Garth Brooks, who presented the CMT award to him, in his life. “Our lives are like a mountain range — each a separate mountain, a different elevation, a different climb to the top, with different views — but it takes them all to make a range. The higher you go, the more you see, the greater the rush, the harder the fall. I’ve had my share of it all. Now, I have the chance to glance back on ones that made my climb better, easier and more worthwhile.”

That’s where Brooks, according to Randy Travis, came in. Travis stated that Brooks came along behind him and kept cheering him on. As the fellow country singer climbed his own “taller” mountain. “I’m so glad one was near the other,” Travis declared. “I’m on the other side of the mountain, so we don’t see each other as much. But never a day goes by that I doubt Garth is still there for me.”

Randy Travis then wrote, “I may have helped bring our genre back to life, but you taught it how to live!”

Randy Travis’ Wife Opens Up About the Country Singer’s Stroke Recovery 

During a January 2021 interview with Dan Rather, Randy Travis and his wife Mary opened up about the recovery from his 2013 stroke. He was determined to sing Amazing Grace. “That’s where a little girl named Tracy, who had a music degree. [She] would come in on her lunch hour, bring her keyboard and start teaching Randy melody and song again,” Mary recalled.

Randy Travis’ wife also said that the girl taught the country singer Amazing Grace. “And the words all came back to him,” Mary went on to explain. She then noted it took two whole months to teach Travis to form the letter “A.” 

“We spent probably six hours a day running through that song,” Mary continued. “Trying to get through all four verses and learning the words.”

Mary went on to add that when she put the microphone in his hand, her husband became Randy Travis again. “It was absolutely beautiful.”