WATCH: Cody Johnson Covers Classic George Strait Song ‘You Look So Good In Love’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Cody Johnson received quite the honor back in 2016. George Strait representatives asked the Texan to be part of a marketing campaign for a new album.

All Johnson had to do was select his favorite George Strait song that was released in the month of October.

And “You Look So Good in Love” checked all the boxes. Strait released it in October. And it also happened to be Johnson’s favorite song performed by Strait.

Back in October 2016, Johnson grabbed his autographed guitar and a chair. He found a spot in a clearing by his home in New Waverly, Texas. And he sang “You Look So Good In Love.”

“My favorite has to be ‘You Look So Good in Love,’” Johnson said about the Strait classic. “Here’s to you, George.”

Cody Johnson Took A Break From His Own Music Video to Honor George Strait

Back in the fall of 2016, Cody Johnson also was working on his own music video, “With You I Am.” His album “Gotta Be Me” reached No. 2 on the country charts that summer, so Johnson had some momentum moving his career. But he stopped, briefly, to be part of the George Strait experience.

Johnson, wearing a hat, white button down and jeans, performed the cover acoustic style. There was nothing to compete with the beauty of the words.

The song, itself, is a sad one, whether it’s performed by Strait or Johnson.

The team of Glen BallardRory Bourke and Kerry Chater wrote the song. Strait released it in 1983, four years before Cody Johnson was born. The song emerged as Strait’s third song to reach No. 1. Mickey Gilley also added the song to his 1983 album “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me.”

The narrator is singing to his ex. It’s painful. We don’t know if it’s his ex-girlfriend or wife, just that his heart hurts without her. There are feelings of remorse and regret. After all, broken hearts drive many country songs.

A sampling of the lyrics: “Oh, how you sparkle. And oh, how you shine. The flush on your cheeks is more than the wine. And he must do something that I didn’t do. Whatever he’s doing, it looks good on you.

“You look so good in love, you want him, that’s easy to see. You look so good in love. I wish you still wanted me.”

The promotion with Cody Johnson led up to the release of Strait Out of The Box, Part 2, a blockbuster collection with 56 tracks. Strait fans loved it since the album covered two decades of the superstar’s career.

What’s Johnson Doing Now?

Cody Johnson is a former professional bull rider and prison guard. His most recent collaboration is all about the sport he gave up for music.

Johnson and Reba McEntire recorded “Dear Rodeo” and released it Nov. 27. The song first appeared on Johnson’s 2019 album “Ain’t Nothin’ To It.” But the re-release adds McEntire, the perfect choice. After all, McEntire is a former barrel racer.

Cody Johnson said he thinks of rodeo as “the perfect woman.”

“I had the perfect marriage,” he said. “But I didn’t focus on keeping that woman happy and make her love me back. She left and I was alone with the mistakes I made, thinking ‘Why am I here by myself?’ I had to admit it was because I didn’t try hard enough.”

As for McEntire joining him for the song, Johnson said:

“When she was talking about the song, she said, ‘The song gets to me because it’s about where I come from. I feel like this is my song.’ When you have that authenticity, it really relates with people.”