WATCH: Cody Johnson Nails Acoustic Performance of ‘Longer Than She Did’ at the Ryman

by Kati Michelle

Finally coming out on the other side of his vocal rest, Cody Johnson recently took to Instagram to share a snippet of his acoustic performance of “Longer Than She Did” at the iconic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.

Johnson’s band surrounds him in the video while the light gleams in from the beautiful stained glass windows behind them. The video shows him rocking a casual blue collar button up, black bottoms, and a red trucker hat.

The artist addressed his fans lovingly as “#COJONation” in the caption and the Instagram post has already surpassed 114,000 views in just 24hrs.

Cody Johnson Opens Up About His Style

In a recent interview with Cowboys & Indians magazine, Cody offers insight to his wardrobe choices, promotional campaigns, and personal brand. In terms of dress, Cody says, “A classic outfit for me is a plain-old Wrangler pearl-snap work shirt, a pair of Wrangler 20X jeans, a Resistol hat, and a buckle on.” Moreover, this staple look is his go-to regardless of the occasion.

To grow his brand, Johnson’s entrepreneurial spirit led to the release of COJO branded cologne, a line of Resistol cowboy hats, and Blue Otter polarized sunglasses. The singer uses the promotional tagline “for the cowboy in you” to pay homage to his past stint as a rodeo star. When asked for further details surrounding his inspiration, Johnson said he tries to remain “Unapologetically authentic.” He goes on. “My brand stands for that cowboy code of morals: You do what you say you’re gonna do, make your yes mean yes, your no mean no, and nothing in between.”

The Drive for Authenticity

No matter what he’s working on, Johnson is adamant about giving it his all. In the same Cowboys & Indians interview, he provided the following statement about how he juggles everything:

“It is very hard to juggle, but I feel like when you are comfortable enough with yourself to give your whole self to a product, your family, your wife, your band, it makes it a lot easier. When I’m out here on the road, I give 110 percent to every single person that works for me and every single person that pays for a ticket. When I’m at home, I give 110 percent to my wife and kids, and I shut off work and I pay attention to them. I don’t let one bleed over into the other.”

At the end of the day, Johnson is known for being an eloquent speaker and overall positive role model. We can’t wait to see what projects he sets his sights on next! There have even been some rumors about a possible acting gig starting to circulate.