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Watch Cody Johnson’s New Video for ”Til You Can’t’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Essential Broadcast Media)

Cody Johnson dropped Human The Double Album on October 8th and it has been in heavy rotation over here since then. The album clocks in at just over an hour with eighteen tracks. In that time, COJO gives us a little bit of everything. However, “Til You Can’t” remains one of the standout tracks on the record.

“’Til You Can’t,” came out back in June. With it, Cody Johnson showed the world that he doesn’t just know how to pick and perform one hell of a song, he’s also an expert at releasing singles. It’s rare that an up-tempo song will sneak in and hit you in the gut while inspiring you, but this one does it every time. I feel like if you’ve lived into adulthood, you can relate to the lyrics.  That relatability makes it a truly powerful track.

Cody Johnson Drops a Stunning Music Video

Last Friday, October 15th, Cody Johnson released a video to go with “’Til You Cain’t.” The song alone is enough to stir your emotions. However, the video takes it up a notch. It takes a relatable song and turns it into a bona fide tear-jerker. Check out the video below.

To me, the best part about Cody Johnson’s new music video is that it calls back to the good old days when videos told a story. The visuals follow the lyrics nearly beat-for-beat. Each verse gets its own vignette featuring a young man spending time with his family. Between the verses, we see GOJO silhouetted in front of a gorgeous sunset singing with everything he’s got. The cinematography and locations in this video are stellar and truly elevate the whole package.

The video diverges from the song in the final verse. This is where the “’Til You Can’t” video becomes a tear-jerker. Instead of following the lyrics closely, it highlights what it looks like when you can’t reach out anymore. The whole family is gathered for a big dinner. However, it doesn’t look like the young man from the rest of the video is there. A woman at the table rushes away to take a phone call. Within seconds, she’s breaking down and her husband rushes to her side. Then, we see flashback shots of the video’s star smiling and spending time with his family.

Honestly, I didn’t see the gut-punch in the form of a major plot twist coming. It made the whole video a little heavier. At the same time, it really speaks to the overall message of the song. Live life to the fullest and love with your whole heart because one of these days you’ll be out of time. The end comes for us all and it doesn’t even pretend to care what you had planned.