WATCH: Conway Twitty’s Grandson Performs ‘You’ve Never Been This Far Before’ at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in 2015

by Kayla Zadel

Conway Twitty’s grandson is following in his grandad’s footsteps. Tre Twitty sings this country classic at Loretta Lynn’s ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

Twitty was performing at the concert venue that sits on Lynn’s massive property. The video is dated 2015, but shows the heir to the country music legend performing “You’ve Never Been This Far Before.” As soon as the song starts up, the crowd knows what song Twitty is going to sing. At one point in the clip, the crowd chimes in with the generational singer.

Conway Twitty tragically passed away in 1993 from an abdominal aortic aneurysm at the age of 59. Many have tried to imitate the legendary, but none have been successful as his son and grandson in carrying the torch. Michael and Tre prove that by carrying on the true country grit that their predecessor brought to the stage. Michael is Conway’s son from his first marriage. Michael’s mission is to keep his father’s legacy alive.

Loretta Lynn invited the two out to her ranch for the annual celebration of Twitty’s life. It’s called “Remembering Conway Twitty.” The event features performances by those that were in Twitty’s life. Loretta Lynn has been known to take the stage as well.

Lynn and Twitty were great friends up until the singer-songwriter passed away. One of their most famous hits, “After the Fire Is Gone,” left a mark on the country music industry.

Who is Conway Twitty’s Grandson?

Twitty’s grandson, Tre, might not be a household name like his grandfather’s, but that doesn’t make him less talented. The third-generation singer not only takes after his grandpa but also after his dad as well. Tre Twitty has made a career out of performing country music hits.

What’s more, Twitty keeps his grandfather’s memory alive by performing some of Conway’s hits. Tre often sings Conway’s 1973 No. 1 hit “You’ve Never Been This Far Before.” From the first note to the last, Twitty captivates audiences through his gift of music.

Conway Twitty wrote and recorded the hit song that held the No. 1. spot for three weeks on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart.

What’s more, just like Conway and Loretta paired up, their grandchildren are doing the same. Tre Twitty and Tayla Lynn took to the road to honor their grandparents. Their tour, “Tribute to Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty” which took place for at least two years, was based on performing tribute concerts, filled with copious amounts of storytelling, in various cities across the country.