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WATCH: Dan + Shay Reveal They Have Hundreds Of Unreleased Songs

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Emma McIntyre /AMA2020/Getty Images for dcp)

Dan + Shay reveal that they have hundreds of unreleased songs and only one person has the link the files.

Bobby Bones posed an interesting question during his interview with Dan + Shay on the Bobby Bones Show. The radio host asked the country duo what would happen if the two passed away suddenly. Although it was a pretty bleak question, it makes sense. Musicians including Mac Miller, Prince, and Janis Joplin have all released posthumous albums. Even Dolly Parton has a hidden song that won’t be released until after her death. So, do Dan + Shay have any post-passing music plans?

“There’s like one person who has the dropbox link to all of our session files and all of our demos and stuff. We’re pretty precious and protective of what gets out there…That’s a good call. I am going to make a note of that today to like figure out what should be released, what shouldn’t be released. What’s the song that will happen immediately after, because that’s the one. That one’s gotta be right,” says Dan Smyers of Dan + Shay.

Shay Mooney adds his take on the hypothetical situation and pokes fun at his bandmate.

“Now Dan is going to be paranoid about that. He’s going to work on our next 17 albums over the next year,” Mooney says laughing. “We have a lot of music,” he continues. “I’m talking, hundreds of songs. But not a lot of them are actually produced. They’re demos. So, that being said, if we were going down in a plane crash Dan would be like, ‘Break the laptop. We’re not going down this way!'” he jokes.

Dan + Shay reveal they have “hundreds” of unreleased songs.

Dan + Shay Can’t Stop Editing Songs – Even Their Number One Hits

During the same interview, Smyers admits that he struggles to know when to stop working on a song.

“The problem with making records and being able to make them on your laptop at home is that they are never done…I’ve gone back after songs have gone number one on country radio and made edits and fixes…It probably doesn’t make any difference. Maybe I just care too much,” says Smyers.

If Dan + Shay keep releasing the quality of music they’ve been producing, we’ll support Dan’s borderline neurosis.