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WATCH: Dan + Shay Talk Excitement Over Performing Original Song for CMA’s ‘Country Christmas’

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/AMA2020/Getty Images for dcp)

Dan + Shay are a country pop music duo that has taken the world by storm over the past few years. The duo has released three albums that all reached the top ten in the U.S.

Dan and Shay most recently won top duo at the CMA’s this year. Their popularity in country music is certainly evident and the music world is taking note.

The duo recently collaborated with Justin Beiber on a song called “10,000 hours with the three performed at the CMA’s. This song won “Favorite Country Song” at the award show.

Also, Dan + Shay just released a new song called “Christmas Isn’t Christmas.” In an interview at the CMA Country Christmas show, the duo talk about the song and what it means to them.

The handsome duo smile ear to ear while talking about the show and their song. Throughout the interview, they keep it lighthearted. Dan and Shay, as they say, are just happy to be at the show and performing.

“There’s so many talented people on the show, and we love to watch the show when we don’t get to perform. So, we are very thankful to be here. It’s amazing to actually be able to sing an original song this year”

The duo jokes about how much they love the decorations. True to form, they finish each other’s sentences while talking about their experience at the show.

“This is a vibe, I think Im going to live here. I think I’m going to… yeah we live here now.”

Dan and Shay Talk Christmas Traditions

Quickly, Shay follows the joke by talking about his family’s Christmas traditions.

“Christmas morning, like, it’s the best. It’s just, you know, it always has been, and it still is. With four dogs, it’s a lot. We get the dogs like lots of presents, and they’re like running around getting all their toys and treats. We usually spend Christmas out at our farm, and it’s like, the best time ever.”

Again, the duo joke that they hope there will be some snow on Christmas.

“This year on Christmas, I’m hoping for a little snow, but I don’t know, we don’t have great luck here in Tennessee.”

Shay Mooney then talks about his personal family Christmas traditions. He talks about how excited he is to see his two boys experience Christmas together.

“This will be my youngest’s [Ames] first Christmas, and Asher, I think this will be his first Christmas where he knows kind of what’s going on. So, he usually just plays with the boxes, so this year maybe he’ll actually look at the gifts.

Lastly, Dan and Shay talk about their song and how powerful being together on Christmas is to them. They share that family is everything, especially amidst a pandemic.

“We wrote [a song] this year called Christmas Isn’t Christmas, and it’s near and dear to our hearts. It’s a song that we wrote about our wives, and you know, the holidays are that much more special with family especially this year. We all need that lift, that holiday spirit, and Christmas isn’t Christmas if it’s not with you.”

Dan and Shay say that without love in your life, Christmas would cease to exist.

“All these things could still be happening. We could still have this beautiful vibe, the Christmas tree, the lights, but if you’re not with the one that you love, then it all means nothing.”

After this song release, they might even consider an entire album.