WATCH: Darius Rucker Says It’s ‘Beers and Sunshine’ Season with Acoustic Version of Hit

by Quentin Blount

Country music star Darius Rucker gifted all of country music fans with an acoustic version of his hit song “Beers and Sunshine.”

Originally released back on August 6 of last year, Darius Rucker co-wrote “Beers and Sunshine” with Ross Copperman, J.T. Harding, and Josh Osborne. It was intended to be the lead single from his sixth country studio album.

Country fans should also remember that Rucker performed his hit song live at the 54th Annual Country Music Association Awards. He co-hosted the CMA’s that night with fellow country star Reba McEntire.

The song is definitely a memorable one for many country fans. It came during a worldwide pandemic and extremely cold weather. After everything that fans have been through the past couple of years, beer and sunshine is something that everyone can enjoy and be happy about.

“It’s #BeersandSunshine season!!” Rucker wrote alongside his performance on Twitter.

Fans were obviously loving the acoustic version of the Darius Rucker song as well. One fan, a teacher, said that she will be jamming out to the hit on summer break.

“Six more school days and off for summer,” she responded. “Definitely going to be in the sunshine!! Hot summertime is my season. Throw some new tunes for the fans to enjoy while chilling out.”

Another fan on Twitter had a hard time containing their excitement over Rucker’s latest video. They commented in all caps saying, “OH, DARIUS, HOW I WISH I COULD SEE YOU LIVE & IN LIVING COLOR. I LOVE THIS SONG. YOU JUST MADE MY DAY WITH THIS SNIPPET. GREAT JOB! THANK YOU SO MUCH.”

And finally, one last follower left a simple message for Rucker.

“Was jammin to that song poolside today,” they wrote. You know that is exactly what Rucker had in mind when he released the song.

Darius Rucker Comments on Hit Single

Back in February, Darius Rucker made an appearance on the Today Show to discuss “Beers and Sunshine.” At the time, the song was in the number-one spot on country music radio. Rucker talked about the logistics behind recording amidst a worldwide pandemic.

“We wrote it on Zoom and we actually recorded it on the internet,” Rucker explained. “Nobody was ever in the room together. All the studios were closed when we were trying to do it. That Zoom thing is the new cool thing, but I want to get to where we’re all sitting in the same room together.”

“Beers and Sunshine,” incredibly, is Rucker’s 10th number-one country song for his career. Now we wait for him to release his next full-length album, the first one since 2017. It is expected to release sometime at the end of this year.