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Watch: Dierks Bentley Claims He Bested Thomas Rhett in Paper Football Challenge

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for CMA)

While it isn’t an official sport, country music star Dierks Bentley is claiming victory in a paper football challenge. In a video put on social media Tuesday evening, Bentley claims to best fellow country artist Thomas Rhett in the “Good Hands” challenge.

Bentley proclaims that participating in the challenge provides funds for future college scholarships for deserving students. He encourages others to participate in the challenge to raise money for insurance company Allstate.

“Join me in the #GoodHandsChallenge where every video submission equals $10 donation to college scholarship funds via @Allstate,” he says. “Bonus: @KirkHerbstreit might commentate on your video. Thanks @ThomasRhett for the challenge. You’re up next @ChuckWicks.”

Dierks Bentley Participates in Fundraising Effort

In the video, Bentley says he is at his in-law’s garage or as he likes to call it, the “Garage Mahal.” With a folded up paper football and a small goal post at the end of a table, Bentley lines up his field goal kick.

After some brief “smack talk” aimed at Rhett, Bentley is set to put the paper football through the Allstate goal post.

“Thomas Rhett says he did it on the first — yeah right,” he says as he lines up for the attempt. “This way further than Thomas Rhett did it.”

The country star kicks his paper football through the uprights on the first try and celebrates the achievement and adds a litte more smack talk for good measure.

“It was such a good kick that it went over the goal post,” he exclaims. “Instant replay will show that it went inside the post. Much further back than Thomas Rhett. I win.”