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WATCH: Dierks Bentley Comes Across Gargantuan ‘Double Black Diamond’ Snake on Tennessee Trail

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Things can get a little wild out in the wild. Country music star, Dierks Bentley recently came across quite a surprsie out on a Tennessee trail.

There are plenty of creepy crawlies in the woods and mountains of Tennessee. Sometimes people get a little closer than planned while out on the trails. Bentley found himself in a familiar situation.

When out hiking, the last thing you want to encounter is a snake. They hide in leaves and many times are difficult to spot. However, others give more warning than most. Specifically, rattlesnakes, which is what Dierks Bentley and friends stumbled upon.

Dierks Bentley exclaims that the snake is a “Double black diamond,” but he may be a bit confused in multiple ways. There is no such thing as a “double black diamond” snake and the country artist might just be saying it is the biggest and scariest of snakes. Most North American ski resorts have at least a black diamond slope, which signifies a slope that is made for experienced skiers. Double black diamond is the highest grade at most North American ski resorts.

That isn’t the only mistake in Bentley’s summation of the reptile in the video. There are no diamondback snake species native to Tennessee. The Eastern diamondback rattlesnake does exist in the deeper southeast. However, the snake that the country star filmed was most likely a timber rattlesnake. They get to sizes of three to five feet in length. Even so, a timber rattlesnake is venomous. It is a good thing they kept their distance.

Dierks Bentley tagged fellow artist Hardy saying “Could have used you a couple days ago @hardy! It’s a little snakey out there on the TN trails right now. w/@solinstagrams,” in the post.

Dierks Bentley Has the Next Round

At the very end of July, Dierks Bentley released the song, Beers on Me. The track features Breland and Hardy and is an anthem to sitting around and enjoying the weekend. “Everybody’s got a problem so do I, but we ain’t gonna solve ’em on a Saturday night,” the song starts.

“Come on down, swing on by. Bring whatever’s been on your mind. Locals on tap and bottles on ice.” As usual, Bentley knows how to make a drinking song.

Beers on Me became the most added song on radio in the week of its release. The success led Dierks Bentley to celebrating with a Twitter post. The post read in part, “Can’t wait to buy you a round when we see you out on the road this summer.” Bentley also thanked his fans and supporters for the success of the song as well.

Here’s to hoping that Dierks Bentley doesn’t run into any more snakes on his travels.