Watch: Dierks Bentley Eats It While Skateboarding, Jokes He’s Ready for Olympics

by Matthew Wilson

When he’s not performing country music, Dierks Bentley hopes to be the next Tony Hawk. The singer posted a video of himself during his downtime at a skateboard park. He declared himself ready for the Olympics. But he may need to work on his skateboarding skills if he truly wants to compete.

In the video, Bentley thanked his sponsors and promised he was just warming up. Decked out in a helmet and elbow pads, the singer wiped out and hit the pavement while attempting a stunt. Bentley walked it off for another attempt.

He wrote, “What a season! Came 1st in everything, number 1 overall greatest best winner. Got to thank my sponsors. See you in Tokyo 2021 1/2.”

This isn’t Bentley’s first time on a skateboard. Going back to 2009, Bentley has posted videos of himself and others attempting to master their skating skills. He called one of his videos Moonshining and Skateboarding.

The singer isn’t afraid to get out of his comfort zone. Last year, he attempted to take the world of figure skating by storm. Bentley filmed a hilarious promo for his 2019 Burning Man Tour. The video was reminiscent of the Will Ferrell figure skating film Blades of Glory and featured Bentley on the ice.

Dierks Bentley Has Been Social Distancing in Colorado

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bentley hasn’t been able to tour. He told the Bobby Bones Show he has been social distancing in Colorado with his family. Bentley got into skateboarding because of his son. Though he currently isn’t touring, Bentley said he’s still paying his band and crew a full salary.

He has plans to move back to Nashville after the pandemic is over.