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Watch: Dierks Bentley Hilariously Chases His Wife Around Their Home on Live Interview

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images

Dierks Bentley stopped by Access Hollywood to promote his new song “Gone.” He shared details about his long and happy marriage to Cassidy Black. He also playfully chased her around their Colorado home because she hates being on camera.

Bentley has taken time away from touring due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He and his family have been social distancing in Colorado where he’s spent his time learning skateboarding among other things. Bentley shared a brutal exchange he had with his wife during a paintball match.

The family went paint-balling to celebrate his son’s seventh birthday. Cassidy snuck up on her husband during the match and shot him in the back with a paintball. The country singer shared a picture of his back bleeding. He considers paintball to be a new form of couples’ therapy.

“I didn’t know my wife was going to take out some aggression on me,” Bentley joked. “I was kind of concerned. Where did this come from? Is there some built up aggression here or resentment that’s been building over a 14-15 year marriage?”

Dierks Bentley Chased His Wife Through the House

Bentley quickly got his revenge on his wife. He tracked her down through the house so Access Hollywood and viewers could say “hello.” The singer said Cassidy hates being on camera and is camera-shy. When he tried to capture her on video, Cassidy ran out the backdoor, across the deck, and through their backyard to escape the camera.

She later returned to bashfully tell viewers, “Hey.”

Despite her aversion to being on camera, Bentley said his wife loves touring with him.

“She loves the road, loves the shows, loves the concerts,” he said. “She misses it more than I do.”

Though they got engaged and married in 2005, Bentley confirmed the two knew each other and dated off and on since eighth grade. The couple has three children together.