Watch: Dierks Bentley Laughs Filming His Child Faceplant While Snowskating

by Will Shepard

Country star Dierks Bentley laughs hysterically at his son eating it while riding a “snowskate.”

Bentley, somewhere up in the mountains with enough snow to be able to ski on, post this hilarious video. The video appears to be of his third child, Knox, ripping up the hill on a snowskate. Though Bentley posts this to Instagram on his account, this video certainly could go viral on any account.

As he says in the caption, “a hint of meanness to my laugh here?!” Now, that might not necessarily be true, but it is certainly funny. Knox gets going quite quickly down the hill even though he isn’t strapped into the board. After a couple of seconds riding down the hill, Knox catches an edge and goes rolling down the hill.

Bentley Adventure

Bentley cackles as his son tumbles his way down past the makeshift snow jump. After something like six rolls, his son finally comes to a halt. Although the board ends up well away from him, he appears to be alright as no one rushes to his immediate aid.

But as he says “Must be a 3rd kid thing.”

Maybe that’s the reason why Bentley stands at the top laughing and filming that he doesn’t go rushing to his son’s aid. But more likely than not, his son will be up and back at ’em in a few short seconds. After all, kids are certainly made of rubber.

But to make matters worse, Knox has to go get the board, climb back up the hill and confront his dad. Undoubtedly, he will lovingly make fun of him some more before encouraging him to try again.

Bentley concludes with: “Hope everyone [is] having a good weekend.” Likely the Bentley family is having an awesome weekend tearing up the snow somewhere in the mountains.

Dierks has recently put out an awesome new single called “Gone.”