Watch: Dierks Bentley Releases Studio Behind-the-Scenes Video for ‘Gone’

by Madison Miller

The song “Gone,” by country artist Dierks Bentley, has long been gone. Instead of coursing through his own mind and hands, it’s now been running through fan’s heads since October.

Nicolle Galyon, Ben Johnson, and Niko Moon wrote the song “Gone.” David Garcia produced it. This solo release has been his most recent since “The Mountain” album in 2018.

Studio Behind-The-Scenes

According to The Boot, Bentley said that when trying to make a record, it’s all about picking the best songs he can, whether he wrote them or not.

“I gravitated toward it because I loved the title …  feel like I’ve been gone, I feel like we’ve all been gone. I feel like country music in 2020 is just gone. So it touches on a little bit of the idea of what’s been going on here with COVID, but it does in a metaphorical way, through a relationship. I don’t think anybody wants to hear anything written too directly about what’s happening right now; it’d be too depressing …” Bentley said.

Although Bentley may not be behind the lyrics of the hit song, he’s behind just about everything else.

The singer released a studio behind-the-scenes on his Youtube page to give fans a look at the recording process. It’s especially interesting during the pandemic since many artists seek new safer and different alternatives to the way they recorded in the studio before.

Everyone in the studio has masks on, except for Bentley when he’s singing. There are just a few people in the studio, including a drummer and the producer.

The song will likely be on a future album. The singer also announced that he has a tour lined up for next year.

Bentley is Home Instead of ‘Gone’

Bentley is used to being “Gone” out on the road. He toured for years and is settled down now for the pandemic in Colorado. In many ways, he’s grounded more now than ever.

Especially since his flying passion is put on hold at the moment.

Bentley was the keynote speaker at the NBAA-VBACE convention, since he is an advocate for business aviation.

“For the majority of people, whether they’re flying a jet or a prop plane or whatever, they’re going to work … That’s how they get stuff done. And that’s an efficient way to do it. For me personally, my business, and the people I employ, I wouldn’t be able to do it without aviation. I’ve got three kids, a lot going on here back home. I can’t afford to spend 24 hours riding a bus to get somewhere to play a show. I just can’t do that anymore,” Bentley said at the convention according to AIN Online.

He also said his skills are rusty, and the only plane he’s been flying is a remote one.

Despite his very much remote, stable life at the moment in Colorado “Gone” proves how a lot of people feel metaphorically during COVID-19. While we’re stuck inside, our head is thinking about being off to a million different places and seeing other people.

“I’ve been a million places / But they’re all up in my head / Over-drinking, overthinking ever since you left / I’ve been gone, I’ve been gone / I’ve been sittin’ on the couch watching TV all day long.”