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WATCH: Dierks Bentley and Riley Green Hilariously Cool Down with Chilly Ice Bath in Garbage Cans

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

Dierks Bentley and Riley Green are receiving internet attention for their ongoing brotherly shenanigans. The touring partners decided the best way to beat the heat involved taking a chilly dip in garbage cans re-purposed as ice baths. Bentley posted a photo and video of the occasion for his 2.1 million followers to enjoy. Poking fun at their physiques, Bentley captions the photo with “Big tough guys but they sure did a lot of whimpering in the ice…. Anybody got some human growth hormones I can borrow? Maybe one of those t-shirts with muscles and a 6 pack airbrushed on it???!” The replies are equally funny and include some of Bentley’s blue check-marked pals.

Riley Duckman continues the joke and chimes in with “let’s come up with some backstage activities that are a little less miserable”

Parker McCollum adds “What’s cooler than bein cool”

Chris Lane joins the conversation with “I did this for college baseball and understand the pain y’all are in”

Ingenious life hack or totally whack? Take a look and decide for yourself.

Dierks Bentley And Crew On Tour Life

In the midst of his “Beers on Me” tour, Dierks Bentley is joined by Riley Green, Parker McCollum, and DJ Aydamn. Between now and October 22nd, the tour plans to cover tour stops from San Diego, California to Rogers, Arkansas. The singer plans on fulfilling each of the remaining scheduled tour dates, but even Dierks Bentley can’t control the weather or natural disasters. The tour recently rescheduled its Nevada stop due to hazardous conditions caused by wildfires in the area.

In a select few cities, Bentley is also inviting country underdog Breland. Here’s what Bentley had to say about him:

“BRELAND shines out there and the fans are really loving what he brings to the party. I’ve had him open a few shows the last few weeks, and I just really didn’t want him to leave. I love watching him convert people who may not be familiar with him into big fans. Of course, I want to help him build his career however I can, but he’s also helping me! His energy is joyful and contagious.”

Bentley On Mentoring With Blake Shelton

After reconnecting with Blake Shelton on The Voice as a mentor for his team, Dierks Bentley talked to Entertainment Tonight about their relationship offset. He says he looks up to Shelton as a leader within the industry, but also as an impressive teacher.

“Just being around him as he talks to these kids, I was really impressed. He’s been doing it for a long time and he’s really good at, like, steering these kids who have these big dreams, these big hopes. This is so important to him.”

Bentley is just as passionate about his own projects and talked about being fired up for his tour:

“The second my boots, like, touch the stage, it’s like electricity coming up through the floorboards. I’m just I’m so excited to be out there!”