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WATCH: Dierks Bentley Swims in a Trash Can and Belts to Crowds in ‘Beers on Me’ Tour Montage

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Daniel Knighton/Getty Images)

While some bands have canceled shows recently, Dierks Bentley is back out on the road. With friends Riley Green, Parker McCollum, and Breland, the Beers on Me artist is hitting the stage and…the trash cans? Bentley released a montage video showing him and his friends fooling around on and off stage.

Over on Twitter, in a 43-second video, Dierks Bentley gave fans a glimpse at the shows he has played so far. From what appears to be an ice bath in a trash can with Riley Green to crowds of cheering fans and backstage drinks, it looks like a great time.

This has been a remarkable month for Bentley. His song, Beers on Me, featuring HARDY and Breland has already become a hit. So, of course, that is the song that is playing on the Twitter video. It shows Breland on stage performing alongside Bentley. There are also great shots of backstage celebrations, a little partying, and plenty of interaction with fans. It looks like a real party out there.

Working with HARDY and Breland on the song has allowed them to ride a wave of success as well. As young artists, each has had their own levels of success on their own. However, working with an established artist like Dierks Bentley doesn’t hurt. When it comes to Beers on Me, it’s a classic hangout song that most everyone can relate to.

Dierks Bentley Tour had Some Hiccups

So far, Dierks Bentley’s return to the road has mostly been a success. There have been a couple of moments that have not been so great. Already, Bentley has given a tour update from 43,000 feet in a private jet. For the Drunk On A Plane artist, a private jet sounds like his natural habitat. Then there have been all the great photos and videos from shows on the tour like in the Twitter video from today.

However, there have been some issues on the tour and other places related to Bentley. For instance, there was an unfortunate altercation at his Nashville-based bar, Whiskey Row. After one patron got into a physical incident with security at the bar, he became unresponsive. The details are undisclosed, but authorities are investigating the death as a homicide.

Then, there was an issue with a Nevada-based show. Due to wildfires raging through the west, conditions became too dangerous for a show to be played in the Lake Tahoe area. It has been two years now since Dierks Bentley has been trying to play in the area. However, another reschedule has had to be made. It’s an area that he likes to play in and there will surely be a show out there sooner rather than later.