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Video: Watch Dolly Parton Listen to Fans Cover Her Hit Songs

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Dolly Parton listened to some of her biggest fans play some of her most iconic hits. Stopping by Glamour, Parton watched new twists on classic songs and offered her device to the up and coming musicians.

“9 to 5,” “I Will Always Love You,” “Jolene” and “Hard Candy Christmas” were the specific songs fans covered from Parton’s vast catalog. Each individual or band put their own unique spin on the songs. For instance, the band Love Raptor put a funk, soul blend on “9 to 5.”

“That’s great. Well I’ve never sang that good. Rock kind of funky, swampy kind of sound too. But I like it,” Parton said. “Whatever it’s called, it’s good. And I’m honored always to hear people record my songs and to hear them done different ways. It’s fun and exciting to a song writer to hear your songs done different.”

Dolly Parton Felt Honored People Covered Her Music

Another fan, Angie K, produced a country version that reminded Parton of practicing the song in her hotel room. The song proved popular to cover. Meanwhile, another fan produced an instrumental version using only brass band instruments.

Additionally, fans covered some of Parton’s other hits like “I Will Always Love You” and “Jolen.” One singer produced high notes that would make even Whitney Houston blush on the former. And on the latter, a duo teamed to perform a ukulele version of the song.

Overall, Parton is happy that people performed her music. She said she felt honored as a singer and song writer.

“I want to say thanks to all the bands out there, the individuals, whoever you are that cover my music,” Parton said. “That love my songs enough to pick them. Because as a songwriter or as a singer, it means a lot when people kind of pay tribute to you like that. There’s nothing like a good song, they’re the ones that kind of make it.”

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