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Watch: Dolly Parton Remembers Early Years of Friendship With Willie Nelson

by Chris Haney
Photo by Bob D'Amico/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

During an exclusive bonus clip from her Time Life DVD collection, Dolly Parton speaks about her longtime friendship with Willie Nelson. 

In 1966, both country stars were songwriters and new to Nashville, TN. They worked together, but separately, in the basement of Combine Music trying to create the next hit song.

“We both wrote for the same publishing company,” Parton reflects. “And he was writing all of these wonderful hits, and I loved everything he did. And I thought, ‘He’s such a stylist.'”

Parton goes on to say that she especially loved Nelson’s song “Funny How Time Slips Away” that he wrote when they worked together. Parton begins to sing a portion of the song as the video fades to an older clip from 1987 of the two younger Country Music Hall of Famers singing the song together.

Then the clip fades back to Parton singing the song in the Time Life interview. As she finishes singing, the clip concludes with her trying to impersonate Nelson’s singing.

“I’m trying to phrase like Willie,” Parton says. “Nobody can sing like Willie!”

More Details On the New Dolly Parton Time Life Collection

The scene is just a small example of the tons of rare footage in the collection. It includes on stage, television and interview segments, packaged together for the first time in a 19 DVD set. 

Dolly: The Ultimate Collection features 35 hours – most never before released – of footage from various appearances. They include clips from her own variety shows, the Porter Wagoner Show, her authorized documentary, and various late night television appearances. Numerous live concerts, awards show performances and unforgettable duets are also included in the special collection.

In addition to a new interview with Parton, Time Life interviewed other country stars about the legendary female artist. The interviews include talks with stars like Vince Gill, Miranda Lambert, Kenny Rogers, Carrie Underwood and Lily Tomlin. There’s also a song by song breakdown telling the story of her iconic songs.

You can only buy the collection directly from the Time Life website dedicated to the release. The entire 35-hour, 19 DVD box set collection can be purchased for $199.90 or five payments of $39.98.

Dolly Parton fans also have a new album to look forward to releasing October 2. Parton is coming out with her first Christmas album in 30 years, and it’s appropriately titled A Holly Dolly Christmas.

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