WATCH: Dolly Parton Says Having Kids ‘Wasn’t Meant to Be’ in 2017 Interview

by Katie Maloney

Dolly Parton shares that she was meant to be a mother to everyone, during an interview asking why she never had children of her own.

It’s no secret that Parton loves kids. She helped found the Imagination Library, an organization that promotes children’s literacy by donating books to kids around the world. Parton has lots of nieces and nephews who she loves. She even recently released a children’s album, I Believe In You, designed to help uplift children through music. Songs include, Brave Little Soldier,” “Makin’ Fun Ain’t Funny,” and a new recording of Parton’s classic hit, “Coat of Many Colors.”

However, Parton and her husband, Carl Dean, have never had children of their own. And nosey interviewers have never hesitated to ask why.

During an interview with TODAY Parton explains why she has never had kids of her own.

“God has a plan for everything. I think it probably was his plan for me not to have kids so everybody’s kids could be mine. And they are now,” says Parton.

Dolly Parton talks about children on TODAY

Kids Love Dolly Parton Because She’s Like ‘Mother Goose’

Undoubtedly, Parton exudes beautiful and comforting energy. So, it’s no surprise that children love her. During the same interview, Parton explains why children seem to be drawn to her. Parton jokes that it’s because she looks and talks like a nursery rhyme character.

“I have that high-pitched voice…I look like Mother Goose or one of those over-exaggerated characters, and kids just relate to that,” says Parton.

The country music superstar adds that not having children of her own has allowed her the time to advance in her career.

“So I could do things like Imagination Library because if I hadn’t had the freedom to work, I wouldn’t have done all the things I’ve done,” says Parton.

And we are so glad that she had that freedom. From albums to movies, to TV specials, organizations, and more, Dolly has blessed us with her talents and mothering energy in so many different ways throughout her career. So, can Dolly Parton just adopt us already?