WATCH: Dollywood’s Candlelight Carolers Sing Heavenly Rendition of ‘Silent Night’

by Liz Holland

Merry Christmas! Dollywood’s Candlelight Carolers are lifting holiday spirits with their beautiful rendition of “Silent Night.” The official Dollywood account shared a video of the performance via Instagram on Friday.

The caption of the post reads, “We hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve! Enjoy this favorite Christmas carol from Dollywood’s Candlelight Carolers!”

You can watch the video below. 

Those carolers are certainly spreading that holiday cheer, and encouraging others to join in too! The Dollywood website says, “Our new choral ensemble will share the true spirit of the season with traditional Christmas hymns. Guests are encouraged to join in and proclaim the “Joy To The World” during these heartwarming performances.” However, these performances are certainly not the only way Dolly Parton is spreading Christmas joy this year. 

Dollywood’s Big Holiday Bash

Dollywood is currently hosting an event at their Tennessee theme park called “Smoky Mountain Christmas”. The event runs until January 2nd, 2022, and seamlessly blends Hallmark Christmas with family tradition.

Dolly Parton herself sat down with People Magazine recently to share what it’s all about. “My hope was that people could come as a family and experience what they fantasize Christmas being,” Parton tells PEOPLE. “We all have our personal Christmases, but we also have that thought of what we see on TV or what we read in books of those great old Christmases. In addition to bringing our own Christmas to life, we wanted to have it like a fairytale. Truly a winter Christmas wonderland,” the singer adds.

The Christmas event is complete with thousands of Christmas lights, nightly parades, light shows, firework displays, world-class cuisine and nine original holiday shows. Each section of the park showcases a different holiday theme.

 For example, the County Fair area is currently a “Peppermint Valley”. And according to Dalton Mitchell, Dollywood’s Special Events Supervisor, the “Northern Lights” synchronized light show is a must-see. Mitchell explains, “It recreates what it would be like to see the northern lights above your head. It’s really cool we can bring that experience to an area of the park where people travel through.”

Traditions Held Dear to Many

The fun certainly doesn’t stop there. The park also has a 50 foot animated Christmas tree for guests to enjoy, amongst other hidden gems. The process of Christmas at Dollywood is so involved, set up for the event starts months in advance. In fact, some of the lights never come down. Some trees are fitted with lights that are designed to expand as the tree grows. For the rest of the set up, the park closes for a week and about 5,000 hours of work ensues to prepare.

The holiday shows are one of the most special parts of the whole event. Paige Bales, the park’s entertainment director explains, “Many of our guests have made these performances part of their annual holiday traditions for decades. Multiple generations of guests — and even Dollywood performers — have grown up with this show.”

You can visit the official Dollywood website here for more information. Happy Holidays!