Watch: Dustin Lynch Releases Live Acoustic Version of ‘Dirt Road’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Leah Puttkammer/Getty Images for BBR Music Group

Dustin Lynch has a new treat for country music fans. The country singer released a stripped-down, live acoustic version of his 2020 song “Dirt Road.”

The song features Lynch up front, wearing a white cowboy hat and an acoustic guitar in hand. Backed up by his band on stage, Lynch sings of driving down backroads and the simpler times of his youth. The song first featured on Lynch’s fourth studio album “Tullahoma,” which dropped back in January 2020.

Dustin Lynch was Inspired by His Hometown

For the album, Lynch said he was inspired by his hometown and his younger self. The album is a nostalgic look at Lynch’s roots. He grew up in Tullahoma, Tennessee, which is about an hour away from Nashville. Speaking with The Boot, Lynch discussed his musical journey.

“A lot of my songwriting comes from 17-, 18-year-old me, and where I was and what I was doing at that time. I still pull from those places, those objects, and those emotions,” Lynch told the outlet. “We didn’t set out to write an album about my hometown, but it ended up landing in Tullahoma because of that filter.”

For “Dirt Road” in particular, Lynch said the song reminded him of Alan Jackson and his music.

“‘Dirt Road’ is a bit of a tip of a hat,” Lynch told Parcbench. “It reminds me for whatever reason that Alan Jackson is one of my heroes. We grew up in a completely different way. We grew up in a small town where everything is little bitty, right, everybody knows everybody.”

“This dream takes us to a six-lane city with high rises and cranes everywhere, ‘Music City Nashville.’ As we live our dreams and get to travel the country we start realizing how special home is,” Lynch continued. “We start realizing how special home towns are and family is and the way of life, the simple way of life. We start realizing how special that is. ‘Dirt Road’ kinda lifts that town up and even though we are chasing our dreams in Music City we still long for that grounding that the home town of Tullahoma has for me.”