WATCH: Dwight Yoakam Performs ‘Guitars, Cadillacs’ Alongside Carrie Underwood During CMA Summer Jam

by Jonathan Howard

Finally, the CMA Summer Jam aired. There were all kinds of great performances, but the best had to be Dwight Yoakam and Carrie Underwood. Their duet performance stole the show. It was a pairing that worked out really well. The show was filmed back in July but just made its way to television tonight.

In a duet that is on almost every young artist’s bucket list, Underwood got to sing and dance with Yoakam. Of course, he had to break out his signature move. Shaking that knee back and forth all these years later. Watching Yoakam perform was a real treat. It seems as though there isn’t much out there recently, but when he does hit the stage it is truly special.

In a dream come true, as Carrie Underwood put it, the two performed one of Dwight Yoakam’s classics. Guitars, Cadillacs. Back in 1986 when the song was released, it reached No.4 on the US Country charts and reached No.2 on the Canadian charts. It was just his second single off his first EP of the same name.

The skinny, slender frame of Yoakam has always been iconic. All these years later, his knees still look bony and those legs still bend like they used to. Really though, this performance was great. The two worked so well together, looked like they were having a hell of a time, and the crowd loved it. Fans at home probably loved it, too.

Dwight Yoakam Joining Clint Eastwood

The performance at CMA Summer Jam was great. Dwight Yoakam and Carrie Underwood really put on a show and a rare duet that fans should appreciate for some time. However, Yoakam isn’t just out-performing on stages this year. He has put on a small set of shows in 2021, but his other project is starring alongside Clint Eastwood in Cry Macho.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Yoakam has been on the big screen. He is most known for his work in Sling Blade as Doyle Hargraves. However, he has been featured in a lot of other movies and shows. Everything from Wedding Crashers to Logan Lucky. It does seem that he is pivoting more towards film. He has had quite a few credits in the last few years.

With his new role in Cry Macho, fans will have to wait to see exactly what it details. According to the trailer, he appears to be Eastwood’s ex-boss in the movie. He will play a fairly large role in the movie that is also directed by Eastwood. The gritty, modern western should be another classic film from the veteran cowboy actor. Fans of Dwight Yoakam are going to have a good time watching the movie and how well he performs in his role.