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WATCH: Eric Church’s First Tour Stop Hype Video Will Have You Ready to Run Through a Wall

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ACM)

Eric Church has been meticulously planned his Gather Again Tour to make it the best he can. Now, the wait is over and the tour kicks off in Lexington, KY! Fans are getting excited and keeping up with all the updates. Church himself has been hyping up the tour and before the first night kicks off, he has posted another video.

It is all going down tonight at Rupp Arena in the Bluegrass State. Church took to his Instagram page to share one last hype video before taking the stage. Might want to put on your football helmet, this one gets the blood pumping.

Everything seems to be set up and in place on stage. The soundboards, speakers, guitars, microphones, merch tables, and more are ready for the fans to show up. If the replies are any indication, there are folks already lining up at the doors awaiting the moment they can walk in and get to their seats. This is going to be a special tour and with the first show taking place tonight, all the planning Eric Church put into this is going to be put into action.

Part of the planning had to do with a setlist. Church and his band are determined to give each city on the 55-city tour a unique experience. So, they took the time to make each setlist different for each city. That means this first set is going to be different than show #2 and each show after. It is a great concept that respects the fans. However, it wasn’t easy given the size of his catalog.

Erich Church, Setlist ‘the Hardest Thing’ in His Career

As Eric Church was putting together this tour, it was clear how difficult it would be. His new album Heart & Soul has 28 songs in total. As a triple album release, that is a lot of material to get through. Also, don’t forget all the hits from the past. Fans want a good mix of new and old at these shows. So, while the material is there, organizing it into a narrative, and executing it well.

It took such a toll on the country music star, he claimed it was the hardest thing he has ever done in his career.

“The hardest thing I’ve done thus far in my career is this setlist. So you have 28 songs…it’s not a normal record, it’s three,” Church said in a behind-the-scenes video.

With a career like his, that is quite a statement. This does seem to be the year of Eric Church, though. With this tour and his five nominations at the CMA Awards, he could finish 2021 off on top. He has a chance to win Entertainer of the Year for the second year in a row. Time will tell. Things get started tonight in Lexington!