WATCH: Eric Church Makes Fans Lose Their Minds During Fort Worth Concert

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for ATLive)

Eric Church took fans in Fort Worth to a new level the other night. His concert set an attendance record and entertained thousands. The Chief is going to do what he does and that’s put on amazing shows. His extensive catalog means he could pull from just about any era, album, or single to rock the stage night in and night out. Is there anyone enjoying life more than Church right now? A UNC Final Four win over Duke and you go back to work just to sell-out shows in Fort Worth.

It doesn’t matter what city Eric Church is in, his fans go nuts all over the country. However, Fort Worth, Texas looks like it was a completely different kind of party. Check out the highlight video below and see it for yourself.

That looks like a whole lot of folks that just need a drink in their hands, eh? And, it remains to be seen, but if any city can one-up Fort Worth’s rowdiness, then it has to be New Orleans. That’s going to be a show that I will be a little jealous to miss out on. There aren’t many places better to catch a show than in the Big Easy, that’s for sure.

Dickies Arena was packed out and the April 1 show was absolutely rocking. After all the tickets were counted, the crowd was filled with 14,193 members of the Church Choir. With so many people in that arena, it must have been an amazing environment. There’s nothing better than a great performer on a sold-out stage. Gives me chills thinking about it.

Of course, Church is probably still riding high after his Tar Heels took down their bitter rivals the Blue Devils in the Final Four.

Eric Church Entertains Fans and Enjoys Historic Basketball Game

While he couldn’t make his show in San Antonio work, Eric Church still entertained Texas fans. And, he was able to attend what is surely going to be remembered as one of the greatest college basketball games ever. North Carolina and Duke in the tournament against each other for the first time ever. In the Final Four. And, in this game, the Tar Heels had the last laugh.

It was a back and forth affair and the game gave fans everything they could have wanted and more. Church and his family watched from the stands. A decision he made after UNC advanced to the Final Four the week before. It’s one of those things that only die-hard sports fans would understand. And, in college basketball, only a few fanbases can relate. North Carolina and Kentucky and I’d even throw Duke and Kansas in there. Those fans are going to drop everything to go see a Final Four.

After his Tar Heels won the game 81-77, Church’s decision was venerated. He made the right choice. Final Fours are rare and a game like UNC and Duke during one is once in an every 100+ year opportunity. Don’t worry though, Eric Church fans are going to be treated to a free concert later this year in New Braunfels, TX.