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WATCH: Eric Church Will Rock Your Sunday with His Rendition of ‘Hallelujah’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Blackbird)

On Friday (October 1st), country superstar Eric Church took to the stage of the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota to perform his own rendition of Rufus Wainwright’s hit single Hallelujah. 

In a YouTube video, Eric Church and concertgoers are heard singing the well-known song together. Church also took to his Instagram to share a snapshot of him high-fiving fans during the North Dakota show.

As previously reported, Eric Church kicked off his Gather Again Tour last month. It was nearly 700 days since he took the stage at his Double Down Tour in 2019. The tour includes 11 buses, 20 trucks, a 127,000lbs lighting rig, and four 836sqft video walls. 

While discussing the tour’s setlist, Eric Church stated there are going to be a lot of songs that his fans are not going to recognize at first. “[Songs] that we’re gonna start singing and they’re going to go, ‘Oh yeah, that’s that song.’ So, I think it’s just fun after this many years to change it up and make it about music. Make it musical. I’m just excited to see the reaction.”

Upcoming stops on his Gather Again Tour include Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Denver, Colorado; and Florence, Arizona. 

Eric Church Opens Up About His Latest Project ‘Heart & Soul’ 

Earlier this year, Eric Church shared more details about his latest project Heart & Soul with The Tennessean, and revealed that the album was actually hacked. “[Being hacked] is pretty awesome when you think about it,” Church recalled. He also said the hackers ended up breaking the news, which he found hilarious. “It was one of those weird deals. But I love the passion.”

Following the hackers releasing all the details about Heart & Soul, Eric Church decided to confirm the project and even rolled out a triple album tracklist as well as the official release date ahead of schedule. 

Eric Church also spoke about what inspired the album, which involved a “revaluation” of his studio process. “The best way reevaluation has] ever worked for me in my career is to get as comfortable as you can get. I think the entire was everything I had to give.”

The country singer also admitted that there’s nothing else internally by the time he and his crew pushed through to the end of the album. “I was spent. I was like a wrung-out dishrag. That’s where Heart & Soul came from. That was everything we had.”

When asked if he would do this kind of album processing again, Eric Church said probably not.

“I got as far out as I can get, from a mental health standpoint. I was writing all day, not sleeping at night. I couldn’t shut it down at all.”