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WATCH: Faith Hill Posts Birthday Video of Daughter Maggie Showing Off Her Gorgeous Singing Voice

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Al Pereira/WireImage)

Talent seems to run in the McGraw genes as Faith Hill’s recent Instagram birthday post featured her daughter Maggie belting out one of her favorite “Hamilton” songs. Hill shared the video in honor of daughter Maggie’s 23rd birthday, and we can’t help but feel the mom pride as Hill brags and jokes about her kid.

Hill said in her caption that while she had many videos of her daughter she could have chosen to share, she felt this one showed her sense of humor best. Not to mention the girl’s strong singing voice. However, what makes the video memorable is that Maggie spends the entire video using a decorative angel as her microphone.

Hill jokes, “No angels were harmed in the making of this video,” and hopefully, for the angel’s sake, Maggie set it down so it could gain its grip on the room again. What also brings a lot of humor to the video is that Hill’s daughter continues to sing as “The Grinch” plays on in the background. And while Maggie doesn’t seem to notice, or care, myself and other viewers definitely got distracted by the film once or twice.

“The Grinch is cracking me up…!” one follower wrote. Another wrote, “It’s the unintentional Grinch/25 Days of Christmas for me😂😂😂”

Followers to Hill’s account nevertheless loved the video as well as Maggie’s singing voice. “Somebody get her a recording contract!!” one follower wrote. Another simply asked the country star, “Do you ever cry when your kids sing to you? They are all so talented!!!” We truly couldn’t agree more.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Girls Have Their Minds Set On Music Too

While Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s daughter Maggie clearly possesses a talent for singing, the couple’s other two daughters also have their eyes turned toward the realm of music. And with the success the singing couple has experienced over the decades, their daughters are lucky to have such great role models to turn to.

During a 2017 interview with New Beauty, Faith Hill shared that at the time, their daughter Gracie had already taught herself to play the guitar while also pulling her own band together. While the country artist admitted to wanting to be available for her kids to confide in when it came to the music realm, she also said, “as a parent, [I] don’t want to stand in the way of their dreams.”

Because, like most parent/child relationships, there’s always a line between advising and enforcing and being that Hill and McGraw are such widely acclaimed artists, it has to be difficult for them not to cross that line.

Regardless, she said, “[The girls] surprise us so much already. I can’t even guess who is going to do what.”

And at times, I’m sure things can get quite confusing. The couple’s youngest daughter Audrey appears in Tim McGraw’s new music video for “7500OBO.” Gracie has spoken about her desire to sing and be on Broadway. And as for Maggie, her recent birthday post shows the likelihood of her succeeding in music wherever she may go.