WATCH: Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Receives Hangover Advice From Adorable 3-Year Old Daughter

by Megan Molseed

Sometimes the best advice truly does come from the mouths of babes. Well, in the case of Florida Georgia Line singer Tyler Hubbard, this advice came from his own personal doctor, “Dr. Liv” the country singer’s three-year-old daughter.

“After a long night there’s nothing better than having a three year old explain the consequences of my actions at 7:30 in the morning…#dadlife,” Tyler Hubbard shared to Instagram earlier this week along with videos of his doting doctor doing her best to care for her hangover patient.

Rest Is the Key – According to Florida Georgia Line Singers Young Daughter

“I think you didn’t get enough rest,” Liv tells her patient as she discusses the symptoms her dad is feeling in the viral post. The Instagram included a series of videos where little Liv is focused on taking care of her  Florida Georgia Line singer father.

“You have to get rest,” the young in-house doctor continued. “That’s why you feel sick, you didn’t get enough rest.”

Hubbard is looking pretty worn down at this point as he sits in a rocking chair talking with his daughter. Eventually, Doctor Liv is done with her patient and Tyler leaves the room.

However, it isn’t long before the doting helper has some follow-up questions for her hurting patient.

The subsequent videos show the three-year-old doc discussing what the country star had to eat that made him start to feel better.

The “hangover patient” responded to the inquiries listing out what he had eaten so far that day.

“I had a cheeseburger from Shake Shack and some french fries,” the Florida Georgia Line singer told his daughter. “Then I had a nap and I think all of that combined was just the perfect recipe.”

“Okay,” responded the little girl.

“Well, when you feel sick again, just make sure you take a lot of sleep in the morning and a lot of sleep when it’s nap time (and) bedtime,” Liv advised.

Maybe Cut Out the Alcohol… Or Just Keep Resting

The Florida Georgia Line singer’s wife, Hayley Hubbard was filming the entire exchange. At the end of Dr. Liv’s unwavering treatment for the “hangover patient” as the video is captioned, Hayley thanks the young doctor for some “really good advice” about sleep.

However, Hayley does want to get young Liv’s take on what her Florida Georgia Line patient should do about the alcohol that made him feel so icky in the first place.

“Um, now if the alcohol makes him sick again we can’t have alcohol,” said Dr. Liv.

The doctor went on to tell her father that rest is always the key.

“Also, when that makes you sick again, you just have to make sure you have a lot of rest, ” she said.